Dr Paul Rhys

Senior Lecturer


Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

School:Cambridge School of Creative Industries

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Music

Research Supervision:Yes

Paul Rhys is a composer and conductor whose music uses computers and traditional instruments and has been performed internationally: from a piano concerto to computer transformation of birdsong.

[email protected]


Paul joined Anglia Ruskin University in 2007 after teaching at Reading University and Clare College Cambridge. He gained a PhD in Composition in 1996 and studied at Northwestern University in the USA supported by a Wingate Foundation Scholarship.

His music has been performed in Europe and the USA, broadcast on national radio and recorded on CD. Recent works include two pieces composed in 19-note equal temperament and a dialogue for alto recorder and birdsong. A major piano concerto received performances in 2012 and 2016. He has recently developed software for composition using granular synthesis organised as fractal micropolyphony.

Research interests

  • Composition
  • Microtonality
  • Nineteen-note equal temperament
  • Granular synthesis

Areas of research supervision

  • Supervision to successful completion of three PhDs in Music Composition
  • Supervision to successful completion of PhD in Cross-Cultural Composition and Combined Arts


  • Diploma in Digital Music Technology, Keele University
  • PhD Composition, Keele University
  • PGCert Higher Education, Anglia Ruskin University
  • BA (Hons), Oxford University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member, National Association of Music in Higher Education
  • Member, Higher Education Academy
  • Member, Sound and Music (London)

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Visiting Fellow, University of Western Australia, Perth
  • External Examiner for MA Composition, Queens University, Belfast

Selected recent publications

Rhys, P.Q., 2022. 19edo. [Software for Mac OS]

Rhys, P.Q., 2022. My Stronghold. [Music in 19-note equal temperament]

Rhys, P.Q., 2021. Four Pieces for Voices and Instruments. [Music in 19-note equal temperament]

Rhys, P.Q., 2019. In the Garden of thy Heart. [Music in 19-note equal temperament]

Rhys, P.Q., 2018. For Everything There is a Sign. [Live Performance] Music in 19-note equal temperament, directed by Paul Rhys. [Cambridge, 13 December 2018]

Rhys, P.Q., 2018. Of Angels. [Music in 19-note equal temperament] In: P. Jackson and J. Boyer eds. 2018 The Ruskin Songbook, Cambridge: Ruskin Arts, Langham Press, pp.63-69

Rhys, P.Q., 2017. O Son of Being. [Live Performance] Music in 19-note equal temperament, directed by Paul Rhys. [Churchill College, Cambridge, 22 October 2017]

Rhys, P.Q., 2017. Granular Synthesis as Fractal Micropolyphony. Proceedings of the 2017 International Computer Music Conference, Shanghai, pp.20-23.

Rhys, P.Q., 2016. Smart Interfaces for Granular Synthesis of Sound by Fractal Organization. Computer Music Journal, 40(3), 58-67.

Rhys, P.Q., 2014. Not I for piano solo: Beckett’s text as music. In: Bailes, S. J. and Till, N. (Eds.). Beckett and Musicality. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Rhys, P.Q., 2013. Three songs for soprano and orchestra. [Live Performance] Soprano – Corrina Wilson, Conductor – Peter Britton, K239 Orchestra. [Cambridge, 11 November 2013].

Rhys, P.Q., 2012. Dialogue I, II for clarinet and birdsong. In: Sparling, A., 2012. A Place in the Sky, [CD]. London: Lontano Records Ltd. Track 6.

Rhys, P.Q., 2012. Piano Concerto No.1. [Live Performance] Piano – Ian Pace, Conductor – Peter Britton. [St Johns College Cambridge, 30 January 2016]

Rhys, P.Q., 2012. Piano Concerto No.1. [Live performance] Piano – Ian Pace, Conductor – Paul Rhys. [London, 8 December 2012].