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Professor Patricia MacCormack

Professor of Continental Philosophy
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Areas of Expertise:
Philosophy , Film , Media
Research Supervision:

Patricia is a researcher who has published in the areas of continental philosophy (especially Deleuze, Guattari, Serres, Irigaray, Lyotard, Kristeva, Blanchot, Ranciere), feminism, queer theory, posthuman theory, horror film, body modification, animal rights/abolitionism, cinesexuality, ethics and death studies.

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Patricia MacCormack is Professor of Continental Philosophy. She is the author of Cinesexuality (Routledge 2008) and Posthuman Ethics (Routledge 2012) and the editor of The Animal Catalyst (Bloomsbury 2014), Deleuze and the Animal (EUP 2017), Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema (Continuum 2008) and Ecosophical Aesthetics (Bloomsbury 2018). Her newest book is The Ahuman Manifesto: Activisms for the End of the Anthropocene. She recently completed a Leverhulme Fellow researching and developing Death Activism and completing the monograph Death Activism for Bloomsbury. She is also the author of numerus journal articles and anthology chapters.

Patricia has submitted for the last 4 REFs and has been sole author of Impact Case Studies for the last 2 REFs in the areas of LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity.

She has appeared being interviewed, and has interviewed a number of directors, on a variety of DVDs including the 13 DVDs of the films of Jean Rollin, the 2009 edition of Suspiria, many DVDs released by Redemption Films such as Burke and Hare (2010) and Daughter of Darkness (2010), the complete video nasty phenomenon documentary Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide (2009). Recently she was interviewed on the BFI release of Maitresse and wrote the booklet notes for the 2012 BFI Maitresse and the 2012 BFI Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan. She continues to appear on blu ray release extras and booklets.

Patricia has produced catalogue essays or appeared at galleries internationally, including Berlin Transmediale, Art events at galleries, public libraries and cinemas in Rotterdam, Vienna, Oxford, London, Chicago, Verona, Stockholm, Groningen, Amsterdam, Malmo, Norkoping and Oslo.

Research interests
  • Continental Philosophy (Guattari, Deleuze, Irigaray, Kristeva, Serres, Bataille, Foucault)
  • Queer theory
  • Feminism
  • Ecology/Animal Rights
  • Death Studies
  • Horror Cinema
Areas of research supervision
  • Continental Philosophy, queer theory, feminism, posthumanism, death studies, ecology and animal rights
  • Recent supervised graduates in the areas of Furry Fandom and Alterante Identity; The Queer Witch: Lesbianism in Ben Johnson and Terry Pratchett; Dismantling Kyriarchy: Ecofeminism and Animal Rights

Undergraduate modules developed and taught:

  • Language, Flesh, Philosophy
  • Introduction to Semiotics and Structuralism
  • Language and Gender
  • Philosophies of Language and the Body
  • Images and Rhetoric of Conflict
  • Language and Image: Theorising Popular Culture
  • Language, Bodies and Subjectivity: Theories and Practices of Gender
  • Media, Identity and Difference
  • Introduction to Film
  • Film and Genre
  • Transgressive Media
  • Cinema and Sexuality
  • Sex, Gender and Identity
  • Film and Globalisation
  • Theorising the Specular in Hollywood Cinema
  • Film Modernity and Post-Modernity
  • Analysing Language and Image, Introduction to Communication
  • Visual Communication

Postgraduate modules developed and taught:

  • Cinema, Sexuality and the Post-Human
  • Sexuality, Gender and the Post-Human
  • PhD, Monash University, 2000
    Title: Pleasure, Perversion and Death: Three Lines of Flight for the Viewing Body.
    Winner of the Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal for best thesis of 2000
  • BA (Hons) (Class 1) Combined Honours in English Literature and Classics, Monash University, 1994
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Referee: Theory, Culture and Society. International Refereed Journal. Sage Publications.
  • Referee: Deleuze Studies. International Refereed Journal. University of Edinburgh Press.
  • Referee: Angelaki. International Refereed Journal.
  • Referee: Body and Society. International Refereed Journal. Sage Publications.
  • Referee: Film-Philosophy. International Refereed Journal.
  • Referee: Australian Feminist Studies. International refereed Journal. Taylor & Francis.
  • Referee: Animal Studies. International refereed Journal.
  • Referee: Journal of Posthuman Studies. International refereed Journal.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Routledge publishers.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Palgrave Macmillan Academic.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Bloomsbury Academic.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee SUNY.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Amsterdam UP.
  • Proposal evaluation/manuscript referee Edinburgh UP.
  • Series commissioning editor Film Philosophy at the Margins Routledge.
  • Reviewer, AHRC grant applications.
  • Reviewer, The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).
  • Reviewer, Research Foundation Flanders (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Vlaanderen, FWO)
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange


  • 2021 Leverhulme Research Fellowship: Queer Death Activism
  • 2013 Leverhulme International Visiting Fellowship
  • 2008 AHRC research leave, rated Excellent, outcome rated outstanding


  • St Andrew’s Healthcare
  • MTCNovo London CRC Probation Services
  • Inclusive Employers
  • The Kite Trust
  • Manchester Airport Group
  • Clarion Housing Group
  • TPP Recruitment
  • Universities UK
Selected recent publications


The Ahuman Manifesto Bloomsbury, 2020.

Ecosophical Aesthetics co-edited with Colin Gardner and including the Introduction and chapter ‘Schizo-Semiotic Apprenticeship: Guattari’s Gift to Contemporary Clinical Practice’. Bloomsbury 2018.

Deleuze and the Animal co-edited with Colin Gardner and including the Introduction and chapter ‘Ahuman Abolition’. Edinburgh University Press 2017.

The Animal Catalyst, sole edited anthology, and including the Introduction and chapter ‘After Life’. Bloomsbury 2014.

Post-Human Ethics. Routledge 2012.

Cinesexuality. Routledge 2008.

The Schizoanalysis of Cinema edited with Ian Buchanan and including the chapter ‘The Ecosophy of Film’. Continuum. 2008.

Refereed articles

‘The Ahuman Spectator: Art, Activism, Anthropocene and Apocalypse’, Screening the Past Issue 46, December 2022.

‘What does queer death studies mean?’ Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies Vol. 4 (2021) doi: https://whatever.cirque.unipi.it/index.php/journal/article/view/147.

‘Animalities: Ethics and Absolute Abolition’ Post/h/um/ 5:2, 2020. (Italian translation).

‘Embracing Death: Opening the World’ Australian Feminist Studies Vol 35, 2020.

‘ "Who is this we that is not me” Ecosophical Ethics’, Modern French Identities, 135, 2020.

‘Djuriskheter: Etik ok Absolut Abolitionism’ Fronesis: Djuret 56-57, Stockholm, 2017.

‘Art: Inhuman Ecstasy’ Art Against Art: Art Journal from within Post-Market Culture Issue 3 Winter 2016/17.

‘Rebuilding the Fabulated Bodies of the Hoard-Warriors’ co-authored with Aas Mittman, Postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies Vol 7: Issue 3 Fall 2016.

‘Queer Posthumanizm: Sayborglar, Hayvanlar, Ucubeler, Sapkinlar’ KaosQueer+ Sayi (Issue) 2, Istanbul, Ilkbahar (Spring) 2015.

'Feminist Becomings: Hybrid Feminism and Haecceitic (Re)production.' Australian Feminist Studies. Special Edition 30@30 30: November 2015.

‘Art, Nature, Ethics: Nonhuman Queerings’ Somatechnics Vol 5: Issue 2, 2015.

‘Creative aproduction: Mucous and the Blank’ co-authored with Ruth McPhee. Inter/Alia Journal of Queer Studies 9: 2014.

‘Alchemical Cinema’ Abraxas Journal Autumn 2014.

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‘Facial Futures and Probe Heads: From Australia Post to Pluto’ Journal of Australian Studies, 81: 135-143. 2004.

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‘Becoming Hu-Man: Deleuze and Guattari, Gender and 3rd Rock from the Sun’ Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media. 1, Autumn 2001.

Book chapters

‘Cosmic Queer Death’ Mythopoiesis for Technological Living Systems, 2023

‘From (Immoral) Anthropos to Ethical Geo-Stratum’, in Martin Howse, ed. Becoming-Geological, Rotterdam: V2 Publishing, 2022.

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‘Witch’ The Horror Show Catalogue, Somerset House October 2022.

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Other Academic Writings:

‘Great Directors: Antonio Margheriti’ Senses of Cinema Great Directors. September 2004.

Looking Away to See: Frazer Lee’s Duty of Care Films. Senses of Cinema Issue 32, July 2004.

‘Great Directors: Lucio Fulci’ Senses of Cinema Great Directors. May 2004.

Editor, Senses of Cinema Special Issue: Perversion Issue 30, Jan-Mar 2004.

Patricia Pisters The Matrix of Visual Culture Book Review Senses of Cinema Issue 29. December 2003.

‘Phantasmatic Fissures: SpiderSenses of Cinema Issue 27. Aug 2003.

‘Italian perversions: Antonio Margheriti and Paul Morrissey's Il mostro é in Tavola, Barone Frankenstein (Flesh for Frankenstein, 1974) and Dracula cerca sangue di vergine... e morì di sete! (Blood for Dracula, 1974). Kinoeye Vol. 3 Issue 8. July 2003.

‘Christopher Lee: His Italian Journeys into Perversion’ Senses of Cinema. Issue 24. January 2003.

‘Barbara Steele’s Ephemeral Skin: Feminism, Fetishism and Film.’ Senses of Cinema. Issue 22. October 2002.


‘Sighs’ Read By Dawn III London: Beautiful Books. 2008.

‘The Bloom of Decay’ Read By Dawn I London: Beautiful Books. 2006.

Recent presentations and conferences

‘Joy and Death Activism’ Ecologies of Death, Ecologies of Mourning Volume II, online in collaboration with the Eco and Bio Art Lab, Queer Death Studies Network, LiU and Leverhulme funding, Zoom webinar, March 2023.

‘Occult Ahuman Pedagogy: Death to the Anthropocene’ Tema Genus Higher Seminar Linkoping University, March 2023.

‘UnHumaning’ Ecologies of Death, Ecologies of Mourning Volume I, Norrkoping March 2023.

‘Becoming Geological’ Panel member, Berlin Transmediale 32, Berlin February 2023.

‘Invoking Cosmic Ethics’, Becoming Geological Event, Rotterdam V2 Labs January, 2023.

‘Cunnis Chaosium’ Guest speaker, Magick and Schizoanalysis, Goldsmiths University, December 2022.

‘Ahuman Activism: The End of Humans and the Opening of the World’ GU-CAS public lecture, Gothenburg National Library of Sweden, October 2022.

‘Ahuman Abolition: Unthinking the Animal in the Anthropocene’ UG-CAS Special Guest Lecture, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2022.

‘Queer Vampires and Death Jouissance’ Oxford Vampire Film Festival (As part of the BFI In Dreams are Monsters series) Oxford, October 2022.

‘Death Activism: A Joyful Apocalypse; School of Material Research Special Guest Lecture Series, September 2022.

‘Queer Death Activism’ Free School of Performance, Centrale Fies, Italy, 1-3/7/22.

‘The Difficult Joy of Death Activism’, Unlearning Nihilism Conference / Joint Event of Royal Holloway's Centre for Continental Philosophy and The New Centre for Research & Practice / Senate House Library London 25-26/6/22.

‘Queer Death Identity’, Treadwells London lecture and collective discussion, 6/3/22 (Virtual)

‘Queer Death Activism at the end of the Anthropocene’, DN Rodowick/Aesthetic Ethics conference, Chicago University 13-14/5/22.

‘Collective voices and manifestos in monstrous times’ Panel discussion, Monsters of the Anthropocene Halloween Symposium: Unruly Origins, Strange Futures, Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH), Oslo University 29/10/21 (Virtual).

‘Never Alive, Already Dead: Queer Death Identity in Horror’, University of Pittsburgh Horror Studies Working Group: 4/10/21 (Virtual)

‘Occulture and Activism’ Contemporary Occulture Whitechapel Gallery, September 2021.

‘Activism at the End of the Apocalypse’ Taboo, Transgression, Transformation Annual Conference, University of Vienna (virtual) November 2020.

‘A Joyful Apocalypse’ Public lecture, KTH Stockholm, January, 2020.

‘Undesigning the Human: Ahuman Becomings’ Keynote, Annual Konstfack Research Week: Don’t Fear the Research Konstfack University, Stockholm, January 2020

‘We All Live the Apocalypse’ Imaging/Imagining Drawing Room (Sponsored by Stockholm University) Public lecture, Stockholm, November 2019.

‘Vitalistic Death’ First International Queer Death Studies Conference keynote, Karlstad University Sweden, November 2019.

‘The delimits of sex and gender in Mental Health’ St Andrew’s Symposium on Trans Mental Health, June 2019.

‘The Future in the Age of the Apocalypse’ Neuhaus Symposium Keynote, Het Niewe Instituut Rotterdam, May 2019.

‘Wither Identity’ Keynote, Posthuman Research Institute Annual Workshop, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo Canada, March 2019.

‘Queering Pedagogy’ University of Exeter Public Lecture, March 2019.

‘Posthuman Natural Ethics’ Public lecture University of Szeged, Hungary, February 2019.

‘Trans Inclusivity in Mental Health Care’ St Andrew’s CPD Day, October 2018.

Jury member, Lausanne Underground Film Festival, Lausanne Switzerland, September 2018.

‘Anthropophagic Ethics’ Queer Ecologies of Death: Queer Death Studies Network panel. SLSEAU Annual conference, University of Copenhagen, June 2018.

‘All Activism is Art’ Public Lecture and panellist on three debates, How the Light Gets In Festival of Philosophy, Wales, May 2018.

‘Towards an Ahuman Manifesto’ International Gender Studies Annual Commemorative Lecture, Oxford University, May 2018.

‘The Age of the Anthropophagous’ Keynote Raw: Cannibalism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis Birkbeck, London, May 2018.

‘Lovecraft and Mucosal Ethics’ Keynote, The American Weird: Ecologies and Cartographies, University of Gottingen, April 2018.

‘Mystic Posthumanism’ Keynote, Instinct and Desire: The Monster and Machine, University of Ghent, November 2017.

‘The Daemonic Fold: Feminism and Occulture’ Keynote, Performing the Occult Symposium, Queen Mary University, October 2017.

‘Cinesexuality and Ethics’ Keynote, Horrific Subjectivities, Northumbria University, October 2017.

‘Inhuman Art Ethics’ Keynote, Speculative Aesthetics Symposium, KunstAkademie, Berlin, July 2017.

‘ “Who is this We that is not Me?” Ecosophical Ethics’ Keynote Lecture NousSommes Cambridge French Graduate Conference, Penbroke College Cambridge University, April 2017.

‘The Natural Posthuman: Ahuman Becoming’ Keynote lecture Grand Narratives: Posthuman Aesthetics. Aarhus Museum of Modern Art and Aarhus University, Denmark, March 2017.

‘Why Desire Matters’ Public lecture Bloomsbury Why Philosophy Matters series, Bloomsbury Publishing London, November 2016.

‘Art and Queer Asemiosis’ Public Lecture at the New Human Ursula Mayer Exhibition, Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, November 2016.

‘Mucosal Occulture: Feminism, Lovecraftian Chaos and Queer Ethics’ Keynote at Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over Northampton University, August 2016.

‘After Life: New Perspectives on Extinctionism’ Keynote The New Human Symposium Malmo Museum of Modern Art, August 2016.

‘Hannibal: Flesh, Desire, Will’ Keynote at Crime Television in Context, DEKRA Akademie Berlin, July 2016.

‘Mucous’ Guest speaker, Birkbeck Series on Fluid Physicalities, June 2016.

‘Cinesexuality as Ethical Desire’ public paid lecture, SALT Gallery, Istanbul Turkey, May 2016.

‘Teratology and Corporeal Alterity’ Keynote paper at KAOS 11th Annual Anti-Homophobia Conference, Ankara Turkey, May 2016.

‘Mystic Queer’ Leverhulme Queer Seminar Series, University of Cambridge, May 2016.

‘Encounters with Inhuman Ecstasy’ Finding the Body: The Last Transgression. Central St Martin’s London, April 2016.

‘Fabulated Monsters Beyond the Gates of the Anthropocene’. King’s Fantastic Talks Series, King’s College London, April 2016.

‘Queer Becomings: Art, Nature, Ethics’ University of Basel public paid lecture, November 2015.

‘Abolitionism and the Poshuman’ Inaugural seminar of Posthumanities International Network (PIN) Goldsmiths University, October 2014.

‘Lovecraft through the Deleuzio-Guattarian Gates’. Keynote speaker. SFF NOW: Annual Science Fiction Fantasy Conference Warwick University, August 2014.

‘Introducing the Animal Catalyst’ Animal Catalyst Network Book Launch Panel Anglia Ruskin University, April 2014.

‘Necrocinesexuality: Death and Desire’ Public paid lecture at the Kunsthalle, Zurich, March 2014.

‘Evanescent Spectatorship’ Stephen Dwoskin Symposium ICA March 2014. Paid keynote speaker.

‘Mucous, Monsters and Mysticism’ Public lecture, LaVerne University, Los Angeles, November 2013.

‘Posthuman Aesthetics’ Public Lecture, University of Santa Barbara, sponsored by the IHC and Leverhulme Trust, November 2013.

‘Ethics, Animality and Ahuman Theory’ Public Lecture, University of Santa Barbara, sponsored by the IHC and Leverhulme Trust, November 2013.

‘Alchemical Cinema’ Public lecture, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, June 2013.

‘Mucosal Monsters and Fishy Fabulations’ Traces, Fragments, Remains: MLA Annual French and Francophone Studies Conference. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, USA, March 2013.

‘Posthuman Cinesexuality’, Magis 12th Spring School, University of Udine, Gorizia celebrating the 20th anniversary of Filmforum. Gorizia, Italy, March 2013. Keynote opening lecture.

‘The Nephilim and the Necronomic’. Gothic: Culture, Subculture, Counterculture St Mary’s University, Strawberry Hill London, March 2013.

‘Image, Ethics, Deleuze’ Deleuze and the Humanities. University of Belfast, November 2012. Keynote speaker.

‘Rebuilding Fabulated Bodies of the Hoarders’. 2nd Biennial Meeting of the Babel Working Group. Northeastern University, Boston USA. September 2012. Invited speaker sponsored by Tufts University Boston.

‘Spectator Philosophers’ Deleuze and Cinema. Lancaster University. May 2012. Keynote speaker.

‘Deleuze’s Ethics of Inhuman Art’ Gilles Deleuze: Philosophy and Aesthetics Manchester Metropolitan University. March 2012. Keynote speaker.

‘Ecosophical Venus.’ Venus as Muse. University of Cologne. January 2012. Keynote speaker.

‘Monstrous Art’. Goldsmith’s University. January 2012. Paid lecture.

‘A-Human Art’. The Association of the Study of Arts of the Present (ASAP) 3. Panel with Steven Shaviro and Renee Hoogland, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. October 2011.

‘Art and Queer Monsters’. Public lecture sponsored and funded by Cranbrook Institute of Art, Detroit, Michigan. October 2011.

‘Angelic Monsters: Movement in Mucus.’ Public lecture sponsored and funded by Wayne State University Detroit. October 2011.

‘Movement without time’ Bodies in Movement. University of Edinburgh. May 2011. Keynote speaker.

Spill Festival. Barbican. London. April 2011. Paid interview panel guest speaker.

‘Toward a Philosophy of Demonology: Continental Philosophy and the Occult’. Treadwell’s public lecture. London. April 2011. Sold out.

‘Art as Inhuman Ecstasy’ Public lecture sponsored and funded by the University of California Santa Barbara. April 2011.

‘Gracious Parasites.’ Human-Animal/Humain-Animal. University of San Francisco. April 2011.

‘Mucosal Monsters’ Annual inaugural ‘Doing Gender’ lecture, as part of Carnal Aesthetics conference. University of Utrecht Netherlands. March 2011. Keynote speaker.

‘Cinesexuality Now’. Body, Theory, Media. University of Mainz Germany. November 2010. Keynote speaker.

RaRa New Feminist Radicalisations. Loughborough. November 2010. Paid interviewed speaker.

Gonda Film Project. Whitechapel Gallery and Film London funded workshop. October 2010. Paid speaker/consultant.

Abandon Normal Devices Festival of Cinema and Digital Culture. Manchester. October 2010. Paid interviewed speaker.

‘FutureSex: Queer Future Film Theory’ BFI. July 2010. Keynote Speaker.

‘Encounters of Ecstasy’. 3nd International Deleuze Conference. University of Amsterdam, July 2010. Plenary speaker.

‘Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture’. University of Cardiff, June 2010. Keynote Speaker.

Occult Cinesexuality, series of 4 public lectures sponsored and held by Treadwell’s London. January-February 2010. (All lectures sold out).

‘Uncanny Matrixiality’ Symposium on Bracha Ettinger University College Dublin, April 2009. Invited speaker.

‘Masochism and Aesthetic Encounters.’ Visual Culture Reconsidered University of Limerick, October 2009. Keynote speaker.

‘Ecosophical Ethics’ Close Encounters of the Animal Kind Tate Britain London November 2008. Keynote Speaker.

‘Barely Human: Transpositional Teratology’ Panel with Felicity Colman, Claire Colebrook and Rosi Braidotti, Annual IAPL conference, Melbourne Australia, July 2008.

‘The Ethical Imperative of Spectator Incommensurability’. Rancière Symposium A day conference with Professor Jacques Rancière. Roehampton University. May 2008. Invited speaker.

‘The Woe of Poe’ Cine-Excess Annual Cult Film Conference. May 2008 ICA. Invited Speaker.

‘Post-Human Feminist Manifesto’ NOISE conference on feminist manifestation. University of Bologna: Bologna. August 2007. Keynote Speaker.

‘Cinemasochism’. Conference panel with Laura Mulvey and Mary Ann Doane. I piaceri del testo. Identità di genere, storia e teoria del cinema`` - Convegno internazionale di studi. Università degli Studi di Torino – DAMS. University of Turin. December 2006. Invited speaker.

‘Necrophilosophy and Feminethics of the Post-Human’. Forensic Futures. Birkbeck, Invited speaker. March 2006.

‘Horrorality’. Guest Speaker at Seminar Series. Women’s Studies Department. University College Dublin. This one day conference was dedicated to and includes papers and panels based on my published work. March 2006.

‘Flesh, Fold, Infinity’, Queer Lines: Deleuzian Queer Theory. UEL. October 2005.

‘Peeping Tom and the Ecstatic Gaze’. Michael Powell Centenary Conference. University of Bangor, Wales. September, 2005.

‘Cinesexuality.’ Flesh made Text. Thessaloniki University, Thessaloniki Greece. May 2003.

‘Corporeal Gothic: Film, Flesh, Fulci.’ The Persistence of Gothic. Greenwich University, Greenwich England. October 2002.

‘The Many Deaths of Giovanni Lombardo Radice.’ Exploiting Fear: The Art and Appeal of Horror. Hull University, Hull England. October 2002.

‘Cinesexuality: Home Cinema and Becoming-Masochist’ Technotopias. Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland. July 2002.