Dr Nnenna Ugwu

Lecturer in Animal Science
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Writtle School of Agriculture, Animal and Environmental Sciences

Nnenna is a lecturer and early career researcher specialising in animal health, behaviour and welfare. She holds a PhD in Clinical Veterinary Science from the University of Bristol; an MSc in Veterinary Surgery & Anaesthesiology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Nigeria. Additionally, she is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

[email protected]


With a blended experience in teaching and research across Africa, Asia and Europe, Nnenna has significantly contributed to both postgraduate and undergraduate education. She has led modules and supervised animal-based research projects. Her research focuses on improving and advancing animal health and welfare through evidence-based practices.

Nnenna has published numerous scholarly articles and presented research findings at international conferences, reflecting her dedication to advancing animal health and welfare. She is a recipient of several scholarships and awards, including Funds for Women Graduate, University of Bristol postgraduate funding, Arthur Hosier Bequest and University of Bristol Alumni and Friends Award. Her professional journey is characterised by a dedication to mentoring the next generation of animal-based professionals and a passion for advancing animal welfare.

Research interests
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal pain assessment and management
  • Farm animal welfare assessment
  • Computerised approaches to improve animal welfare
Selected recent publications

Ugwu, N., Love, E., Murrell, J., Whay, H.R., Knowles, T. and Hockenhull, J., 2021. Development of an ethogram for hutch-housed dairy calves and determination of factors influencing their behaviour. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 234, p.105165. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.applanim.2020.105165.

Ezeonu, I.M., Louis, G.O., Eze, C.A., Chah, K.F. and Ugwu, N.E., 2020. Direct instillation of Lactobacillus plantarum into rat bladder inhibits urinary tract infection (UTI) and protects the integrity of urinary organs. Microbiology Research International, 8, pp.1-9. https://doi.org/10.30918/MRI.81.19.036.

Ugwu, N.E., Eze, C.A., Udegbunam, R.I. and Nnaji, T.O., 2020. Perioperative analgesic efficacy of constant rate infused tramadol hydrochloride as an adjunct to postoperative ketoprofen in ovariohysterectomized bitches. Indian Journal of Animal Research, 54(5), pp.627-630. https://arccjournals.com/journal/indian-journal-of-animal-research/B-984.

Ezeh, I.O., Ugwu, N.E., Obi, C.F., Enemuo, V.O., Okpala, M.I. and Ezeokonkwo, R., 2019. Reduced fasting blood glucose levels following relapse in diminazene aceturate (Dinazene®) treated Trypanosoma brucei infected albino rats. Journal of Parasitic Diseases, 43, pp.329-332.  https://europepmc.org/article/med/31263342.

Ugwu, N., Eze, C.A. and Udegbunam, R., 2017. Assessment of the analgesic potency of constant rate infusion of tramadol hydrochloride and as an adjunct to ketoprofen in laparotomized bitches. Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 15, pp.80-87. https://www.ajol.info/index.php/sokjvs/article/view/161337.

Ezeh, I.O., Ugwu, E.N., Enemuo, O.V., Obi, C.F., Iheagwam, C.N., Ezeokonkwo, R.C. and Onah, D.N., 2016. Efficacy of repeated doses of diminazene aceturate (Dinazene®) in the treatment of experimental Trypanosoma brucei infection of Albino rats. Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, 17(2), p.124. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5090142/.

Recent presentations and conferences

Nnenna Ugwu, 2024. Preliminary measurement of the spontaneous eye blink rate in female Holstein dairy calves. 2nd Conference on Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Nsukka, Nigeria, 17-19 April.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2022. ‘The influence of procaine hydrochloride plus meloxicam on the behaviour and weight gain of dairy calves’ International Society for Applied Ethology conference, Ohrid, North Macedonia, 4-8 September.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2021. Assessment of eye blink rate changes associated with disbudding in dairy calves. Universities Federation for Animal Welfare Conference, virtual, 29-30 June.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2021. Assessment of eye blink rate changes associated with crush restraint in dairy calves. Universities Federation for Animal Welfare Conference, virtual, 29-30 June.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2020. ‘Factors influencing the behaviour of dairy calves’ Universities Federation for Animal Welfare Conference, (virtual), 30 June – 1 July.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2020. How dairy calves’ behaviour varies across days. Change in Animal Industries Conference, virtual, 25 May.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2020. Influence of time of day on the behaviour of hutch-housed dairy calves. International Society for Applied Ethology UK/Ireland Regional Meeting, Nottingham, UK, 3–4 March.

Nnenna Ugwu, 2019. Evaluation of spermatic cord as an alternative ligature for surgical castration. Universities Federation for Animal Welfare Conference, Bruges, Belgium, 3– 4 July.

Full proceedings
Nnenna Ugwu, Emma Love, Jo Murrell, Helen R. Whay, Toby G. Knowles and Jo Hockenhull, 2021. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level, Cork, Ireland, 16-19 August 2021. Editors: Laura Boyle and Keelin O'Driscoll. E-Book ISBN: 9789086869015. Available at: https://doi.org/10.3920/9789086869015_045.