Nik Mellough


Faculty:Faculty of Creative and Digital Arts and Sciences

Location: ARU Peterborough

My personal expertise is in interactive media design and communication; this has led me into my current field of Mobile Games Design as games have become one of the most popular narrative based entertainment fields in recent years

I have a level 5 teaching and training qualification, and working toward my level 7 CertEd.  Allow with Studying for a PhD in the field of Using AI and VR in education and training.

I recently received accreditation from Epic Games for participating in their most recent bootcamp for Animation.

Email: [email protected]

Research interests

  • Virtual Reality
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Gamification of education and training
  • Physiological responses to cognitive load in a simulated environment.
  • The use of game engine technology in virtual production.
  • The use of cutting-edge mobile technology for simulation.


Courses taught at ARU:

  • Mobile Game Design
  • Mobile Game Art Design

I have a history in animation and visual effects and have always been fascinated by how things work. This interest has found me in front of and behind a film camera, but my focus has always been visual effects and creative narratives.  I have experience designing UX/UI, which has been fascinating, as I enjoy studying how people interact with technology.

From a young age, I’ve been deeply interested in computer science cutting my teeth on the Dragon 32 and NES home console, but Neurodiversity has allowed me to carve a more creative pathway through this field of research.