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Dr NezHapi-Dellé Odeleye

Director of Research Students
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Engineering and the Built Environment
Research Supervision:

Dr NezHapi Odeleye is an urbanist, with 18 years’ experience across the private, third, and public sectors – initially as an Architect, then as a Community Planner and subsequently as a Principal Planner in policy and projects, pioneering sustainable design and construction policy and delivery in the Wembley regeneration area – including a period as a Strategic Planner on sustainable urban design in the first London Plan (Strategic Spatial Strategy), which sets out a framework for the city's development. She joined ARU in 2008.

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NezHapi’s research interests range from sustainable design-led resilience and wellbeing in places, to the urban design complexity implications of time and space concepts underlying the cultural design and planning of indigenous settlements (the subject of her PhD). Her recent research has explored; generative justice in places, the legacy and agency of planners in sustainable urbanism, and the role of media-tech in shaping identity and place-futures.

Research interests
  • Community resilience and professional agency in generative spatial justice
  • Local and mediated identities in place futures
  • Global South informalities in urban design and planning theory
  • Spatio-temporalities in Indigenous knowledge-bases
Areas of research supervision
  • Nature-based Solutions; Community-led Housing; Sustainable Reuse of Heritage Buildings Sustainability Assessment Metrics (PhD)
  • Energy Efficiency & renewables in Schools; Local Enterprise Partnerships; Affordable housing in Nigeria; Spatial Justice (DProf)
  • Town Centres & Retail policy; Urban Design & Public Health; Rural Sustainability; Faith Communities & the Planning System (MSc)
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage; Diversity and Gender representations; Biophilia; Sustainable Construction; Resource efficiency (BSc)
  • Postgraduate Researcher (PgR) Development Training (2018-present)
  • MSc Town Planning (2014-present)
  • PG Dip and MSc Urban Design Modules (2010-2013; 2015-2018)
  • BSc Architecture (2008-2014)
  • PhD Urban Design (Oxford Brookes)
  • MPhil Town Planning Distinction (UCL)
  • BSc in Architectural Studies & BArch in Architecture (Cardiff)
  • PG Cert Higher Education (ARU)
Memberships, editorial boards

Professional body and learned society memberships

  • MRTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute)
  • AoU (Academy of Urbanism)
  • UDG (Urban Design Group)
  • RIBA (1992-2018)
  • FHEA: Higher Education Academy
  • ISST (International Society for the Study of Time)

Editorial boards and awards

Other activity

NezHapi has remained active in community engagement on city issues – initially through the ‘Changing Chelmsford’ Initiative 2010 and its spin-offs – such as the annual Chelmsford Ideas Festivals since 2011 and creative Ideas Hub until 2018. These continue seeding the formation of new, self-organising, local organisations and initiatives. This action research was a long-term experiment in collaborative urbanism, involving Anglia Ruskin students, with urban practitioners, local community organisers, and civic, national & local stakeholders, in re-imagining the city’s identity.

NezHapi also co-led the HERALD: Heritage-Led Resilience Approach to Smart and Sustainable Urban Development In Turkey project, involving ARU Future Cities Research Network (FCRN) colleagues and Research students with the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), Istanbul Şehir University, Turkey. This British Council-Newton Research Environment Links funded project, 2019-2020, developed a strategic research agenda for examining the challenges of resilient urban planning for sustainable heritage cities, including both tangible and intangible aspects of heritage in Turkey and the UK.

Selected recent publications


Rajendran, L. P., Odeleye, N-D., (Eds.), 2020. Emerging Identities in the Futures of Place: Emerging Practices and Spatial Cultures. Springer Series in Adaptive Environments (Cham: Springer). doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-06237-8

Book chapters

Murtagh, N., Odeleye, N-D., Maidment, C., 2020. Does the Planning System in England Deliver a Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment? A Study of the Experience of Town Planners. In Scott, L., Dastbaz, M., Gorse, C. (Eds), 2020. Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design (Cham: Springer). doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-44381-8_6

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Journal Special Thematic Issues (Academic Editorships)

Odeleye, Nezhapi-Dellé (ARU) and Murtagh, Niamh (UCL) Academic Editors: (Dec 2019) ‘Towards Transformative Practice Frameworks: Planners, Professional Agency and Sustainable Urbanism’, Special Issue, Urban Planning, Vol 4, No 4.

Ibrahim, H., Khan, A., Lehmann, S., Odeleye, D. & Zaman, A., Academic Editors: (2016) ‘Sustainable Planning and Technologies’ Special Thematic Issue, Urban Planning, Vol 1, Issue 3.

Journal publications

Bissett-Scott, S., Odeleye, N. D., 2021. Generative Justice In Places Exploring the values of 'Spatial Justice'. Special Issue on Generative Justice in Design, Journal New Design Ideas, 5(1).

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Reports and conference proceedings

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Recent presentations and conferences

Murtagh, N., Odeleye, N. D., Maidment, C., 2019. 'Does the planning system in England deliver a sustainable and resilient built environment? A study of the experience of town planners'. SEEDS (Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society) International Conference, 11-12 Sept 2019, Ipswich, UK.

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