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Matthew Slater

Postgraduate Researcher

Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Psychology and Sport Science

Email: [email protected]

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Research interests

Matthew’s research is focussed on understanding pacing strategies and fatigue in the marathon. Current research shows that most runners slow in the second half of the race as they fatigue. This research aims to investigate who slows and why, while considering pace selection and physiological deterioration. The objective is to find out how race outcome is associated with pace selection strategies and physiological fatigue. Understanding why athletes slow in the later stages of the race will help marathoners train towards and select the right pace during the marathon, reducing dropout and running their fastest possible time.

Thesis title - Pace selection and fatigue resistance: Analysing pacing in the marathon.

Supervisory team - Dr Dan Gordon / Dr Ash Willmott

Selected recent publications

Richards, J., Hossain, M., Summers, D., Slater, M., Bartlett, M., Kosmoliaptsis, V., Wilson, E. C., Lagaac, R., Sidders, A., Foley, C., Laing, E., Hopkins, V., Fitzpatrick-Creamer, C., Hudson, C., Thomas, H., Turner, S., Tambyraja, A., Somalanka, S., Hunter, J., Dutta, S., … SONAR trial group (2019). Surveillance arterioveNous fistulAs using ultRasound (SONAR) trial in haemodialysis patients: a study protocol for a multicentre observational study. BMJ open, 9(7), e031210. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031210