Dr Matt Jewiss

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes

Matt was awarded a PhD, Msc, Bsc and Fellowship of the HEA (FHEA) from the University of Chichester. Matt's research interests are performance under pressure in a variety of performance domains, e.g., sport, education, and aviation and emotional regulation (e.g., HRV). I lead L4 Multidisciplinary Sport and Exercise Science and l6 Applied Sport Psychology.


Matt joined ARU as a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science (Psychology) in August 2022 from University of Hertfordshire where he was a Lecturer in Skill Acquisition and Motor Control since August 2019. Prior to joining UH Matt completed my undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and teaching qualifications at University of Chichester.

Matt's main research interests are centred around identifying those psychological variables which are associated with peak performance (e.g., challenge and threat states) in performance settings (sport, education, aviation). Matt is also interested in emotional regulation, and I have published in the areas of cognitive psychology and leadership. Matt has collaborated with colleagues on a variety of research and consultancy projects at a range of HE institutions such as Prof. Iain Greenlees (University of Chichester), Dr Matt Smith (University of Winchester) and Dr Oliver Runswick (Kings College London).

Research interests

Performance under pressure (Challenge and threat states, anxiety)

Predictors of performance and adherence (self-efficacy, self-confidence, motivation)

Emotional regulation (e.g., Heart Rate Variability)

Scanning strategies and gaze behaviour

Efficacy of Psychological Skills Training strategies


BSc Sport and Exercise Science

MSc Sport Science

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (starting Sep 2023)

Matt is a module leader for Multidisciplinary Sport and Exercise Science (L4) and Applied Sport Psychology (L6). I contribute to Contemporary Issues in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (L6), Perceptual and Motor Skills (L5), Applied Research Skills (L5) and Interdisciplinary Working in Sport (L7).


PhD (Challenge and threat states, Sport Psychology, University of Chichester)

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA; Advance HE, University of Chichester

MSc (Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Chichester)

BSc (Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Chichester)

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Matt Jewiss & Terun Desai (2022) – Examining a marker of emotional regulation on pilot flight performance (£1995), University of Hertfordshire.

Danny Muniz, Matt Jewiss & Lindsay Bottoms (2020) – Categorising exercise enjoyment using the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES, £2683.80), University of Hertfordshire.

Matt Smith, Matt Jewiss, Phil Birch & Ollie Runswick (2018) - Do challenge and threat states predict student performance in academic tasks (£1605.80), University of Chichester.

Iain Greenlees, John Kelly & Matt Jewiss (2018) - Exploring psycho-physiological predictors of commercial aviation performance (£574), University of Chichester.

Selected recent publications

Jewiss, M., Runswick, O. R., & Greenlees, I. (2022). A re-examination of the challenge and threat state and sport performance relationship. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychologyin review.

Smith, M., Runswick, O. R., Jewiss, M., & Birch, P. (2022). Examining the theory of challenge and threat states in athletes: do predictions extend to academic performance? Educational Psychology, 1-18.

Runswick, O. R., Jewiss, M., Sharpe, B. T., & North, J. S. (2021). Context affects Quiet Eye duration and motor performance independent of cognitive effort. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology43(2), 191-197.

Gladwin, T. E., Jewiss, M., & Vink, M. (2020). Attentional bias for negative expressions depends on previous target location: replicable effect but unreliable measures. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 32(5-6), 562-572.

Gladwin, T., Jewiss, M., Banic, M., & Pereira, A. (2020). Associations between performance-based and self-reported prospective memory, impulsivity and encoding support. Acta Psychologica, 206.

Recent presentations and conferences

Runswick, O., Jewiss, M., & Sharpe, B. (2019). Context affects quiet eye duration independent of cognitive effort. (ESAN).

Runswick, O., Smith, M., Jewiss, M., & Birch, P. (2018). Do Challenge and Threat States predict performance in an academic task? Conference Presentation. (Learning and Teaching Conference, Chichester). 

Smith, J., Jewiss, M., Birch, P., Turner, M., Blackwell, A., Symcox, M., & Tipton, M. (2017). Examining lifeguard expertise: The impact of rotation times on the effectiveness of hazard detection. Conference Presentation. (World Conference on Drowning Prevention).

Media experience

Cricket: Rishabh Pant’s historic innings against Australia can be explained with psychology (The Conversation, Jan 2020).