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Prof Matt Fossey

Professor of Public Services Research / Director, Veterans and Families Institute

Veterans and Families Institute

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
Research Supervision:

Matt Fossey has researched and written widely on health and veterans issues. He has a background in national health policy and service delivery. He is particularly interested in demonstrating research impact.

[email protected]


Matt studied Social Work at the University of Birmingham and worked as a Mental Health Approved Social Worker for seven years. He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex, assisting in the delivery of their MSW programme. In 2004 he joined the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMHE) and was a member of the national service improvement team. He moved to the Department of Health where he was the Deputy Director of the flagship Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme, helping to convert an idea into a £1/2 billion nationally delivered service.

He has extensive expertise in the UK voluntary sector, including working with the mental health charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness as National Stakeholder Manager on the national anti-stigma campaign "Time to Change". He has also held a number of local and national trustee appointments including The Ripple Pond and Health Watch Essex (Vice Chair) Matt is a member of a number of national and international working groups on military and veteran related matters. He was a team member of the NATO research group exploring military to civilian transition and is currently co-chair of the NATO military sexual violence research panel. Matt is also a member of the international ministerial working group considering wellbeing in the military and veterans communities.

Matt has written widely including publications on veterans' health and wellbeing, mental health and liaison psychiatry, including a number of key publications with economist Michael Parsonage.

Research interests

  • Bio-psycho-social approaches to policy construction and practice delivery
  • Impact of policy and services on serving personnel, veterans and their families
  • Outcomes and performance measurement
  • Impacts of service and transition on families
  • Liaison psychiatry and psychological medicine

Matt has a developing research portfolio in two main areas: veterans' and families' health, social care and wellbeing, and psychological medicine. He has written widely in both areas and is interested in the convergence between these two important themes.


Development of content and teaching for MSc in Military, Veterans and Families Studies. He also provides teaching on health leadership and post-qualifying nursing programmes.


  • BSc (Hons)
  • MSocSc
  • DipSW
  • Dip Mental Health Studies

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
  • Member of the Institute for Mental Health, University of Nottingham
  • Member of the COBSEO Research, Criminal Justice and Foreign and Commonwealth Clusters
  • Member of the NHS England, Veterans Mental Health Task and Finish Group
  • Member of NATO RTG 263 'Transition of Service Personnel to Civilian Life'
  • Co-chair of NATO Exploratory Team 152 'Sexual Violence in the Military'
  • Member of the 5 eyes Ministerial working group on military wellbeing

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Co-Investigator: HS&DR - 13/58/08: Liaison Psychiatry: Measurement And Evaluation of Service Types, Referral patterns and Outcomes LP-MAESTRO: Value £1,104,534
  • Principal Investigator: Forces in Mind Trust: Project Nova – Veterans in Police Custody Support: Value: £80,000
  • Principal Investigator: Forces in Mind Trust/MOD: Spouse Employment Support Programme: Value: £198,000
  • Principal Investigator: MOD: Audit of veterans CJ services: Value: £250,000
  • Principal Investigator: MOD: Developing a universal outcomes framework: Value: £140,000
  • Principal Investigator: Forces in Mind Trust: Impact of traumatic limb loss on families: Value: £98,000
  • Co-Investigator: Blind Veterans UK: Wellbeing in the Blind Veterans community: Value: £50,000
  • Principal Investigator: Greenwich Hospital Trust: Transition experiences and the maritime community – a feasibility study: Value £40,000
  • Co-Applicant: The Veterans and Families Research Centre: Forces in Mind Trust: Value £2,500,000

Selected recent publications

  • Saraiva, S., Guthrie, E., Walker, A., Trigwell, P., West, R., Shuweihdi, F., Crawford, M., Fossey, M., Hewison, J., Czoski Murray, C., Hulme, C., and House, A. (2020) The nature and range of activity of liaison mental services in acute hospital settings: a multi-site cross sectional study. BMC Health Services Research
  • Godier-McBard, L. R., and Fossey, M. (2020) Veterans Universal Passport: a pilot of a health and social care record for UK ex-service personnel. BMJ Military Health. doi:10.1136/jramc-2019-001288
  • Godier-McBard, L. R., Caddick, N., and Fossey, M. (2020). Confident, valued and supported: Examining the benefits of employment support for military spouses. Military Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1080/08995605.2020.1731251
  • Caddick, N., Cooper, L., Godier-McBard, L., and Fossey, M. (2020). Hierarchies of wounding: Media framings of ‘combat’ and ‘non-combat’ injury. Media, War & Conflict. https://doi.org/10.1177/1750635219899110
  • Smith, C., Hewison, J., West, R.M., Guthrie, E., Trigwell, P., Crawford, M.J., Czoski Murray, C.J., Fossey, M., Hulme, C., Tubeuf, S., and House, A. (2019) Liaison psychiatry—measurement and evaluation of service types, referral patterns and outcomes (LP-MAESTRO): a protocol BMJ Open;9:e032179. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-032179 
  • Roberts, E., Dighton, G., Fossey, M., Hogan, L., Kitchiner, N., Rogers, R.D., and Dymond, S. (2019) Gambling problems and military- and health-related behaviour in UK Armed Forces veterans. Military Behavioral Health DOI: 10.1080/21635781.2019.1644263
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  • Caddick, N., Cullen, H., Clarke, A., Fossey, M., Hill, M., McGill, G., Greaves, J., Taylor, T., Meads, C., & Kiernan, M. (2018). Ageing, limb-loss, and military veterans: A systematic review of the literature. Ageing and Society.
  • Godier L.R., and Fossey, M. (2017) Addressing the knowledge gap: sexual violence and harassment in the UK Armed Forces. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Cooper, L., Caddick, N., Godier, L., Cooper, A., Fossey, M., Engward, H. (2017), A Model of Military to Civilian Transition: Bourdieu in Action. Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health ahead of print article doi:10.3138/jmvfh.4301
  • Godier, L.R., Caddick, N., Kiernan, M.D. and Fossey, M. (2017) Transition support for vulnerable service leavers in the UK: Providing care for Early Service Leavers. Military Behavioral Health. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/21635781.2017.1325804
  • Udo, I, Odeyale, F., Gash, A. and Fossey, M. (2016) The Rise of Liaison Psychiatry: Challenges and Implications for Sustainability. BJHosp Med 77(9), pp. 523 et seq.
  • Cooper, L., Caddick, N., Godier, L., Cooper, A., and Fossey, M. (2016) Transition from the Military into Civilian Life: An Exploration of Cultural Competence. Armed Forces and Society. DOI: 10.1177/0095327X16675965
  • Cooper, L., Andrew, S., and Fossey, M., (2016) [Online]. Educating nurses to care for Military veterans in civilian hospitals: an integrated literature review. Special Issue: Nurse Education Today. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nedt.2016.05.022
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Book chapters
  • Fossey, M., Lazier, R., Lewis, N., Williamson, N., and Caddick, N., (2019) Military-to-civilian transition policies, processes, and program efforts in Castro and Dursun (Eds) Military Veteran Reintegration: Approach, Management, and Assessment of Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life. London: Academic Press
  • Fossey, M., Cooper, L. and Raid, K. (2019) The transition of military veterans from active service to civilian life: impact of transition on families and the role of the family, support, and recognition in Castro and Dursun (Eds) Military Veteran Reintegration: Approach, Management, and Assessment of Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life. London: Academic Press
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  • Hague, J. and Fossey, M. (2012) Healthcare Commissioning and Contracting in Markar, H. and O'Sullivan, G. (Eds) Medical Management: A Survival Guide. London: CRC Press

Recent presentations and conferences

  • Participant, St George’s House Consultation (2014). Back to Civvy Street: How can we better support individuals to lead successful civilian lives after a career in the UK Armed Forces? Windsor Castle, 11–12 December 2014.
  • Keynote speaker, Society for Evidence-based Policing Conference (2014). Veterans in the Criminal Justice System: Intervention at the point of arrest. London, 10 December 2014.
  • Keynote speaker, East Anglia EMDR practitioner’s conference (2014). Mental Health of Service Families. ARU Chelmsford, 24 November 2014.
  • Organiser and speaker, National Military Families Symposium(2014). Traumatic limb loss and military families: the current research.  Norwich, 18 November 2014.
  • Keynote speaker, The Psychological Wellbeing of the Military in Transition Conference (2014). Traumatic limb loss and the family: an overview of the research. British Psychological Society, Wessex Branch and National Veterans Mental Health Conference, The Defence Academy, Shrivenham, 5-6 November 2014.
  • Workshop presenter, Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network Conference (2014). Measuring Outcomes in Liaison Psychiatry. London, 24 October 2014.

Media experience

  • Woman's Hour, Radio 4
  • Radio 5 Live
  • Local radio
  • Times Higher Education Supplement