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Dr Marzia Hoque Tania

Research Fellow, Medical Technology Research Centre
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Computing and Information Science
Research Supervision:

Marzia carries out cross-faculty research in the areas of computer vision, machine learning and intelligent systems. Her broader research interests focus on applied artificial intelligence across a wide range of real-world applications.

[email protected]


Marzia has a multidisciplinary background of Artificial Intelligence, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Materials Science.  She has completed her doctoral degree on intelligent systems for pathological tests using computer vision and machine learning on point-of-care platforms. Her current research concentrates on the interdisciplinary studies between intelligent systems, expert systems, decision support systems and self-health management systems.  She has experience of working in diverse fields such as renewable energy technology and healthcare technology for resource-limited settings. She has also worked with international collaborators on climate change’s impact on health.

Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Bangla
Research interests
  • Image and video processing to develop solutions for medical problems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Medical informatics
  • Computerised mental health management systems
  • Sustainability analyses, especially regarding climate change and Solar PV technology
Areas of research supervision

Current PhD supervision:
Hamza Elhaj (2019- ). Developing an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Triage system for Emergency Departments (Achour, N., Hoque Tania, M., Aciksari, K.).


Recently taught modules:
• Design Methods and Technology Project

Marzia has experience of teaching Electronics and Big Data Ethics as well.

  • Awarded a PhD on ‘An Intelligent Image-based Colourimetric Test Framework for Diagnosis’, Anglia Ruskin University. Recipient of a scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 FUSION project.
  • MPhil Materials Science, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.
  • BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Kurny, ASW, Gulshan, F., Hoque Tania, M. (2011). Characterization and Purification of Locally Available Silica in the Process of its Upgradation for the Production of Solar Grade Silicon. Research Grant of Capacity Utilization Program under Special Allocation for Science and Information & Communication Technology, Bangladesh’s Ministry of Science and Technology, approximately £10,000.

Selected recent publications

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., Shabut, A. M., Najlah, M., Chin, J., 2020. Intelligent Image-Based Colourimetric Tests Using Machine Learning Framework for Lateral Flow Assays. Expert Systems with Applications, 139, 112843.

Shabut, A. M., Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., Evans, B. A. Yusof, N. A., Abu-Hassan, K. J. & Hossain, M. A., 2018. An Intelligent Mobile-Enabled Expert System for Tuberculosis Disease Diagnosis in Real Time. Expert Systems with Applications, 114, pp. 65-77.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., & Hossain, M. A., 2018. Advances in Automated Tongue Diagnosis Techniques. Integrative Medicine Research, 8 (1), pp. 42-56.

Sherratt, F., Welfare, K., Hallowell, M., Hoque Tania, M., 2018. Legalized Recreational Marijuana: Safety, ethical, and legal perceptions of the workforce. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 144 (6).

Recent presentations and conferences

Hoque Tania, M., Andreev, I., Temdee, P., 2020. Arts and Science of Digital Mental Health Support. 5th International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology (DAMT) and 3nd ECTI Northern Section Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (NCON), IEEE,  Pattaya, Thailand. (Accepted)

Hoque Tania, M., Roy, O., Kurny, ASW, Gulshan, F., 2019. Characterization and Upgradation of Sylhet sand for Possible Use as High Priced Raw Material. 13th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME 2019), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Temdee, P., He, C., Hoque Tania, M., 2019. Classification Method for Thai Elderly People Based on Controllability of Sugar Consumption. 22nd International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC 2019), IEEE, Lisbon, Portugal.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., Shabut, A. M., Abu-Hassan, K. J., Kaiser, M. S., Hossain, M. A., 2019. Assay Type Detection Using Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms. 13th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2019, with The International Workshop on Applied Artificial Intelligence - AI), IEEE, Island of Ukulhas, Maldives.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., Shabut, A. M. & Hossain, M. A., 2019. A Deep Learning Algorithms Enabled Scheme for Colourimetric Test. International Conference on Digital Image & Signal Processing (DISP), University of Oxford, UK.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K. T., Shabut, A. M. & Hossain, M. A., 2018. Clustering and Classification of a Qualitative Colorimetric Test.  International Conference on Computing, Electronics & Communications Engineering (iCCECE), IEEE, University of Essex, Southend, UK.

AbuHassan, K., Bakhori, N. E. M., Kusnin, N., Azmi, U. Z. M., Hoque Tania, M.,  Evans, B. A., Yusof, N. A. , Hossain, M. A., 2017. Automatic Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Disease Based on Plasmonic ELISA and Color-based Image Classification. 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS 2017), IEEE, Jeju Island, Korea.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K.T., AbuHassan, K, Bakhori N.M., Azmi, U.Z.M., Yusof, N.A., Hossain, M. A; An Automated Colourimetric Test by Computational Chromaticity Analysis: A Case Study of Tuberculosis Test. 11th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB 2017), Springer, Porto, Portugal. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 616, pp. 313-320.

Sherratt, F., Hallowell, M., Hoque Tania, M., 2017. Marijuana use Within the Construction Workforce: Theoretical Considerations and a Research Proposal. Joint CIB W099 & TG59 International Safety, Health, and People in Construction Conference, Cape Town, South Africa.

Hoque Tania, M., Lwin, K.T., Hossain, M. A., 2016. Computational Complexity of Image Processing Algorithms for an Intelligent Mobile Enabled Tongue Diagnosis Scheme. 10th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management & Applications (SKIMA 2016), IEEE, Chengdu, China.

Media experience

Marzia has worked on the TB Test project. This research was in partnership with Universiti Putra Malaysia and supported by the Newton Fund. Watch Marzia talk about her work in the TB Test project. You can also read about this research in the Daily Telegraph report "Scientists develop mobile phone app to diagnose TB".