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Dr Liz Bradbury

Director of Studies
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Areas of Expertise:

Liz is a sociologist with a background in social and political philosophy who is interested in exploring how the humanities and social sciences can be best used to understand and address the most 'wicked' problems of the 21st century.

[email protected]


After completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, Liz created, led and taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in sociology and gender studies at ARU. She co-authored the text book Introducing Social Theory (Polity Press).

More recently, she has focused on the importance of encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration for social justice and environmental sustainability. What need to stop, start and happen more often across our different conversations between and within the natural and human sciences to encourage the curiosity and change all the evidence tells us is needed?

Research interests
  • Widening participation and achievement in higher education
  • Gender-based violence in global perspective; What can we learn?
  • Social theory and pragmatism
  • The relationship between social and environmental sustainability
  • Curiosity and the promotion of STEM and Humanities collaborations
  • Classical and modern sociological theory
  • The sociology and politics of gender
  • Psychosocial studies
  • PhD, University of Cambridge
  • MA, Sussex
  • BA, CCAT
Memberships, editorial boards

Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy

Selected recent publications

Jones, P., Bradbury L., 2018. Introducing Social Theory (Cambridge: Polity Press).