Li Huan Tan

PhD Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes

[email protected]

Research interests

Thesis title:

The relationship between social mimicry and empathy in parents with typically developing children and children with autism.

Supervisory Team

Dr Stephen Stagg
Dr Ruth Ford

Research Group

Li Huan is a member of our Development and Lifespan Group, which forms part of our ARU Centre for Mind and Behaviour.

Summary of Research

Li Huan is studying the role of imitation in social interaction, and how parent-child interactions influence imitation in families with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). His research will also investigate levels of imitation in the broader autism phenotype. Li Huan's research uses a mix of psychophysical and behavioural measures in the form of Facial Electromyography (fEMG) and observational studies.