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Dr Kurtz Law

Lecturer of Business and Management
Faculty of Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ARU Peterborough
Areas of Expertise:
Business Management , Management and Leadership

Kurtz obtained his Master's degree in Business Administration from Globis University, Graduate School of Management in Tokyo, and a Ph.D. in Management from the Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti, Romania.

Email: [email protected]


Kurtz is a former CAO and COO for Japan Creative Enterprise, a medium sized consulting firm located in Tokyo, Japan. As an executive consultant, he supported small and medium sized enterprises to maximize performance and productivity through strategic management, marketing strategy, and technology innovation.

Spoken Languages
English and Japanese
Research interests

His research is primarily related to technologies which fundamentally alter the way workers engage with their work. He seeks to find ways to offset labour shortage by decreasing occupational health issues such as psychosocial hazard risks. Other interests have been examining how technologies work and their implications on businesses and global economics.

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration from Globis University, Graduate School of Management in Tokyo,
  • Ph.D. in Management from the Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti, Romania. 
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Selected recent publications
  • Takahashi, T., Law, K., Dobrin, C., Dutescu, A. & Marchis D. (2023). Understanding Familial Conflict Issues of Working from Home on Japanese White-Collar Workers in Central Tokyo. Romanian Economic and Business Review. Vol.18(1). 47-64.
  • Law, K., Mujaya, J., Iqbal, S. Itoi, T. & Sugiyama, K. (2022). Investigating Occupational-Stress for Workers in Financial Institutions; a Reclassification of Work Stigma through Japanese and Western Values. Revista de Management Comparat International. Vol.23(2). 302-313.
  • Law, K., Takahashi, T., Vlad, C., Kokusho, K. & Iqbal, S. (2021). Gauging the Reactions to Remote Working at IBM Japan during the Period of COVID-19. Business Excellence and Management. Vol.11(2). 168-181.
Recent presentations and conferences
  • Mujaya, J., Law, K., Ito, Sisu, J. & Grosu, A. (2022). Digitalization as a Factor for Business Survival: A Critical Analysis of Business Agility. Proceedings of the 16th International Management Conference, “Management and Resilience Stategies for a Post-Pandemic Future”. 3rd-4th November, 2022. Bucharest, Romania. 539-546.
  • Iqbal, S. & Law, K. (2022). Digital Coin Laundry – Anonymizing Mechanisms that Enable the Obscuring of the Public Blockchain. Proceedings of the 28th RSEP International Conference on Economics, Finance & Business. 24th-25th November, 2022. Rome, Italy. 37-41.
  • Law, K., Taraban, I., Itoi, T., Marchis, D. & Iqbal, S. (2021). Traditions in Japanese Corporate Culture and its Impact on Work Performance. Proceedings of the 15th International Management Conference, “Managing People and Organizations in a Global Crisis”. 4th-5th November, 2021. Bucharest, Romania. 704-711.
  • Law, K., Vlad, C., Adachi, S. and Sugiyama, K. (2020). Examining the Potential Acceptance of Robots for Society 5.0; A Comparison between Japan and the West. The 36th International Business Information Association Conference (IBIMA), “Sustainable Economic Development and Advancing Education Excellence in the Era of Global Pandemic”. Granada, Spain. 8595-8601.