Jon Svensson

Principal Lecturer

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Allied Health and Social Care
Areas of Expertise:
Oncology , Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) , Health and social care
Research Supervision:

Jon is a Principal Lecturer with experience in education, training and management in many areas of health and social care at undergraduate, pre-registration and postgraduate levels.

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Jon has worked clinically in the NHS and been involved in education and training for over 25 years. He has been involved with and led several high-profile and innovative developments in the education and training of health-care professionals and has held a range of senior managerial and academic roles within the higher-education sector. He has significant experience of programme approvals and quality assurance processes having chaired many events and having been a QAA reviewer for the Major Review of health.

Research interests

  • Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • Medical Imaging
  • Industrial Relations
  • Workforce modernization

Areas of research supervision

  • Health and social Care



  • MA Industrial Relations (Keele)
  • Higher Diploma College of Radiographers (T), London
  • Diploma College of Radiographers (T), London

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Selected recent publications

Dickie CI, Griffin AM, Parent AL, Chung PW, Catton CN, Svensson J, Ferguson PC, Wunder JS, Bell RS, Sharpe MB, O'Sullivan B. (2011) The Relationship Between Local Recurrence and Radiotherapy Treatment Volume for Soft Tissue Sarcomas Treated with External Beam Radiotherapy and Function Preservation Surgery. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2011 Jun 11

Cain, G., Shepherdson J., Elliott, V., Svensson, J., Brennan, P., (2010) Imaging suspected cervical spine injury: Plain radiography or computed tomography? Systematic review. Radiography (2010) 16, 68-77

Hardy, V., Svensson, J., Brennan, P.C, (2009) The use of simple chest and breast measures as an indicator of appropriate compensation strategies in postoperative radiotherapy of the breast. Radiography Ireland, 2009, Volume 13 - Issue 2

Jonina Gudjonsdottir, Jon R. Svensson, Sally Campling, Patrick C. Brennan, Prof. Birna Jonsdottir, Dr.2. Poster - UKRC 2009, e1806, Incorrect Patient Positioning Affects Radiation Dose And Image Quality In CT With Automatic Exposure Control

Gudjonsdottir, J., Svensson, J. R., Campling, S., Brennan, P. C. and Jonsdottir, B.(2009) Efficient Use of Automatic Exposure Control Systems in Computed Tomography Requires Correct Patient Positioning', Acta Radiologica, 1600-0455, First published on 27 July 2009

Elliott, V., Wilson, S., Svensson, J., Brennan, P., (2009) Research utilisation in sonographic practice: attitudes and barriers. Radiography Journal – Volume 15 issue 3 August 2009