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Dr Jin Zhang

Deputy Head of School

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Computing and Information Science
Areas of Expertise:
Computer Science , Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Research Supervision:

Jin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Science.

[email protected]


Jin received her PhD in 2007 from the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales. As well as teaching and research at Anglia Ruskin, she's also the designated collaborative Partner Link Tutor with China.

Jin previously served as a PDRA in the Astronomical Instrumentation Group in the Astronomy & Physics Department of the University of Cardiff. Her research interests include electronic systems modelling; smart antennas; the study and design for development of novel artificial matematerials components in the mid-infrared range and microwave frequency regions; the design of quasi-optical components for millimetre-wave astronomy; and the electromagnetic modelling and the simulations.

Jin was Principal Investigator for two China-UK Science Network Grants in 2008 and 2009: the Royal Society on behalf of the UK Government Office for Science (GO-Science), and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) on behalf of the Ministry of Education in China.

Research interests

Electronic systems modelling, smart antennas, the study and design for development of novel artificial metamaterial components in the mid-infrared range and microwave frequency regions; The design of quasi-optical components for millimetre-wave astronomy; The electromagnetic modelling and the simulations.

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Areas of research supervision



Research Methods, Remote Sensing, Internet of Things, Data Communications, Signals and Signal Processing, Electronic Circuits.


  • PhD Electronics/Electroical Engineering, University of South Wales, "Fixed broadband wireless access systems at millimetre wave frequencies", 2007
  • BEng (Hons) Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, 1997

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)

Selected recent publications

Moseley, P., Savini, G., Zhang, J., Ade, P.A.R. (2017). Dual focus polarisation splitting lens. Optics Express, 25(21), 25363-25373.

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