Dr Francesca Rosa

Research Fellow
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Midwifery and Community Health

Dr Francesca Rosa is a Research Fellow with extensive clinical experience within the NHS. Her research focuses on enhancing patient safety and the overall quality of care through clinical simulation and innovative care models informed by the experiences of patients, caregivers, and healthcare staff.

Email: [email protected]


After receiving her BSc Nursing, Francesca started working first as Research Assistant and then as PhD student with Scholarship at the University of Genoa, Italy.

Francesca has worked in various clinical settings since 2014 at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Her current role in the NHS is as Clinical Research Nurse.

Her research focuses on patient, caregiver and staff experience, patient safety and clinical simulation, qualitative research and mixed methods research.

Francesca's work extends to the development and implementation of educational strategies that enhance the skill set of healthcare professionals. She is a Research Nurse Member in a Multi-Disciplinary Team and has extensive experience supervising junior nursing staff and students. She has played a pivotal role in establishing clinical skills laboratories and workshops aimed at improving drug-dosage calculation skills among undergraduate nursing students.

Spoken Languages
  • Italian
  • English
Research interests
  • Clinical simulation
  • Patient, caregiver and staff experience
  • Patient safety
  • PhD - University of Genoa
  • MSc Nursing - Catholic University of the Holy Heart, Rome
  • BSc Nursing - University of Genoa
Selected recent publications
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