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Dr Felicity Savage

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Life Sciences
Areas of Expertise:
Life sciences
Research Supervision:

Felicity’s research background is in wound healing and cancer biology in particular related to the large bowel. Her teaching focus is on biological sciences, maths and study skills.

[email protected]


More recently, Felicity's career has focused on undergraduate teaching of students from Level 3 to Level 6, across a range of topics including biochemistry, cell biology, histology, maths, and physiology, by lecture, tutorial and practical.

Tutorials have included the skills required to succeed at university, such as writing practical reports and essays and numeracy for science. Teaching has included specialist courses in cancer biology, with a focus on how cancer cells spread, and orthopaedic science contributing teaching on the degradation of connective tissue. Felicity has also supervised Level 6 literature and research projects on topics related to biomedical science.

Previously, Felicity’s research interest was on the colon and connective tissue degradation by matrix metalloproteinases, a group of enzymes that between them degrade all the components of the extracellular matrix.

These enzymes were investigated in colonic wound healing in circumstances known to compromise healing and compared to the distribution given in ideal conditions for healing. These same enzymes have also been studied in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Other projects have investigated the immortalisation of human adult colonic epithelial cell and the influence of endothelin-1 on colorectal cancer cells.

Felicity is a member of the Biomedical Research Group.

Research interests
  • Colonic wound healing following surgery: the distribution of the matrix metalloproteinases during healing and how this was affected by the circumstances in which an operation is performed
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: the use of a model to determine the distribution of the matrix metalloproteinase and to study arachidonic acid metabolites and the effect of methylprednisolone on these metabolites and the distribution of matrix metalloproteinases
  • Colorectal cancer: cancer cells within the circulation and in the peritoneal cavity pre- and post-operation to determine if spillage of cells during an operation might contribute to recurrence. Functions of endothelin
Areas of research supervision


  • An investigation of the relationship between matrix metalloproteinases and anastomotic dehiscence in a rabbit model of colonic healing, PhD University of London 1994
  • The development and use of an animal model of inflammatory bowel disease, PhD University of London 1994
  • Protease expression during mechanical stimulation of collagens. Second supervisor, PhD University of London 1998
  • Differentiation of transformed and non-transformed human mammary epithelial cells, PhD University of London 2003


  • The role of collagenase in the healing of colonic anastomoses – a reappraisal, MS University of London 1991
  • An evaluation of photoimmunotherapy as a treatment for colorectal cancer, MS University of London 1994
  • Tumour invasion and metastasis in colorectal cancer [an Immunohistochemical study in to the role of matrix metalloproteinase enzymes, TIMP-1 and circulating tumour cells, MS University of London 1993
  • Regulation of matrix metalloproteinases during colonic anastomotic healing, MS University of London 1999
  • Endothelin receptors in colorectal cancer, MD University of London 2003

MSc in Surgical Sciences

  • Immunomagnetic cell separation: a rapid method for isolation of colorectal epithelial cells, 1995
  • The effect of endothelin-1 on the adhesion of colorectal cancer cells to extracellular matrix, 2003

BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science with Foundation Year
Course Leader
Module Leader for Foundation Maths for Science
Foundation Biology, Biological Principles, Developing Academic Skills 1 and 2


PhD Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Liverpool Polytechnic
BSc Biochemistry, UMIST

Memberships, editorial boards

Member of the Higher Education Academy

Selected recent publications

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