Ellie Prowse

Demonstrator in Veterinary Physiotherapy
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Writtle School of Agriculture, Animal and Environmental Sciences

Ellie is a lecturer and demonstrator in veterinary physiotherapy. She joined the team at ARU in Writtle in 2023, having graduated with an Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy from Writtle University College.

[email protected]


Since joining the teaching team in Writtle, Ellie has assisted in the delivery of several modules, teaching anatomy and physiotherapeutic techniques to students.

Completing research studying the effect of equine hoof trimming on muscle activity and ground reaction forces, Ellie’s particular area of interest is hoof conformation in relation to injury risk and prevention, something that she wishes to explore further in the future.

Research interests
  • The equine hoof, particularly relating to injury risk and prevention
  • Equine and canine biomechanics
  • Physiotherapeutic techniques and interventions
  • Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Writtle University College