Daniel Heggie

Lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Areas of Expertise:
Simulation-based education

Having worked in healthcare for almost a decade, as a healthcare assistant and later as a nurse leader within multiple organisations, Daniel joined ARU as a lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation. Specific areas of interest are clinical leadership, critical care and preventing workplace bullying.

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Daniel began his working life at a well known pensions company for about five years before realising he wanted something more from his career. In 2013 such an opportunity came up when he was given the chance to join Health Education England’s “Pre-Nursing Experience Pilot”; working a year in industry, attending national events and given the tools to apply and then begin his nursing degree.

Like many, Daniel found the adjustment to higher academia very hard, but flourished on his placements at St George’s Hospital in Tooting.

Since then Daniel has worked in acute hospitals, clinical education, cancer research, podcasting and higher education; Daniel takes pride in every opportunity and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to where he is now (although it wasn’t all easy).

Research interests

  • How to improve clinical Leadership
  • The effect of long-term bullying in an NHS workforce
  • The role and requirement of LGBTQIA+ workforce

Within healthcare, there is a common phenomena of eating our young. New people start within a team, bringing new ideas and innovation having come from an encouraging and academic environment. However, rather than encouraging change, assisting with it and embracing it we often as a workforce will quieten this voice until it conforms to what we have always know. Individuality, ambition and imagination can be one of the biggest tools to our workforce, yet the profession doesn’t want it. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Daniel has witnessed and experienced micro-aggression around work patterns, life choices and ability to be his authentic self. Research into this would be harrowing and astounding.


  • BSc Honours in Adult Nursing, King’s College London
  • MSc in Advanced Professional Practice (Leadership Pathway), University of East Anglia (UEA)

Selected recent publications

Croston, M. and Heggie, D. (2022) “Chapter 6: Evaluating and sustaining improvement,” in G. Janes and C. Delves-Yates (eds) Quality Improvement in nursing. 1st edn. London: Learning Matters, A SAGE Publishing Company (Transforming Nursing Practice), pp. 147–166.

Media experience

Editor, Producer and Contributor of ‘HIV Matters Podcast