Professor Anthony J Bron

Vision and Eye Research Institute

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
Areas of Expertise:
Vision and eye research
Research Supervision:

Anthony is a professor of ophthalmology.

Research interests

Professor Bron's current interests are in tear pathophysiology, external eye diseases - including dry eye and MGD - infectious keratitis and the inherited corneal dystrophies. He is also interested in the mechanisms of cataract formation and in the timing of onset and the morphology of inherited cataract.


Contributor to UpToDate on the subject of Ocular Rosacea.

Memberships, editorial boards

National Groups

UK Ocular Surface Disease Index Building System - 2012 - in progress. Chair: S Rauz. Member of the Steering Group. International Contact Lens Discomfort Workshop 2013 - report in preparation. Consultant member of the Steering Committee; Member of Committee on: Contact Lens Interactions with the Ocular Surface & Adnexa

Editorial Boards

Journal of Anatomy 2004 - to date The Ocular Surface 2002 - to date Ophthalmologica 2008 - to date J.Ophthalmology 2008 - to 2013 Ophthalmology and Therapy 2012 - to date Joint Editor-in-Chief

Advisory Board


Selected recent publications

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Recent presentations and conferences

  • TFOS symposium, April 2012, Kamakura, Japan. Demystifying the treatment of dry eye disease
  • Cornea and Cataract Symposium, April 2012, St. Johns' College, Cambridge. The Nature and Implications of MGD
  • Oxford Optometry, October 2012, Oxford. The A to Z of MGD
  • ISOPT Paris, March 2013, The basis of punctate staining by topical dyes; Updating the role of MGD in dry eyes