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Reverend Dr Andrew Todd

Director, Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology; Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Supervision:

Andrew is Director of the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology, delivered in partnership with the Cambridge Theological Federation. His major research interests relate to contemporary religion and spirituality.

Email: [email protected]


Andrew came to Anglia Ruskin University and the Cambridge Theological Federation from Sarum College in Salisbury, where he coordinated the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality. Prior to that, he set up and ran the Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies. He is a practical theologian and ethnographer. His interest in contemporary religion and spirituality has led to publications about chaplains and wider issues to do with religion in public life.

As well as supervising research students, especially on the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology, Andrew teaches a module on the Sociology of Religion. He liaises between the University and the Cambridge Theological Federation, in support of their partnership to deliver both research degrees and MAs.

Research interests
  • Religion in public life (especially in prisons, healthcare and the Armed Forces)
  • Chaplaincy in the Public Sector
  • Contemporary understandings and practices of lived religion and spirituality

Andrew’s interests in chaplaincy have given rise to two complementary areas of research. One has to do with the interaction of religion/spirituality and public policy, including that relating to the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Prevent Duty. The other has to do with the reshaping of religion/spirituality in the contemporary world, including the development of new rituals; and the theological implications of such developments.

Areas of research supervision
  • Practical Theology
  • Ethnography and religion/spirituality
  • Sociology of religion
  • Chaplaincy
  • Contemporary religious and spiritual practice
  • Areas supervised to successful completion: prison chaplaincy, healthcare chaplaincy and policy, contemporary religious movements
  • PhD, ‘The talk, dynamics and theological practice of Bible-study groups: a qualitative empirical investigation’, Cardiff University
  • MPhil, New Testament, King's College, London
  • BA Hons., Theology, University College, Durham 2009
Memberships, editorial boards
  • British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT)
  • BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group
  • Religion & Public Institutions Research Network (European)
  • European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH): Innovation and Development Forum
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

2015- Prayer as transgression? Exploring accommodation of and resistance to prayer in public spaces; Collaborator (and co-author of project book); Canada SSHRC

2015-16 How could co-production principles improve mental health spiritual and pastoral care (chaplaincy) services? Chief Investigator; Mersey Care NHS Trust

2012-14 What part does faith play in healthcare? Principal Investigator; Multi-faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy, now Healthcare Faith and Beliefs Group

2012-14 The Church of England’s involvement in Chaplaincy; Principal Investigator; Mission and Public Affairs Council of the Archbishops’ Council

2009-11 The value and contribution of Prison Chaplaincy to the lives of prisons and prisoners; Principal Investigator; National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

2009-10 Research Network: Military Chaplains and the Ethics of Conflict; Co-ordinator and Book Editor; British Academy

2007-10 PhD Collaborative Studentship, Spiritual Care in Healthcare and Public Policy; Award Holder & Co-supervisor; Religion and Society Programme (AHRC/ ESRC), co-sponsored by the Hospitals Chaplaincy Council

Selected recent publications


2020 Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Sonya Sharma, Rachel Brown, and Melania Calestani with Christina Beardsley, Lori Beaman, Paul Bramadat, Sylvie Collins-Mayo, Andrew Todd, Christopher De Bono, and Barry Quinn, Prayer as Transgression? The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare Settings (McGill-Queen's University Press)

2017 Ray Samuriwo, Stephen Pattison, Andrew Todd and Ben Hannigan (eds.), Values in health and social care: An introductory workbook, (Jessica Kingsley)

2017 John Caperon, Andrew Todd & James Walters (eds.), A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy (Jessica Kingsley)

2015 Chris Swift, Mark Cobb & Andrew Todd (eds.). A handbook of chaplaincy studies (Ashgate)

2015 Jonathan Pye, Peter Sedgwick & Andrew Todd (eds.), Critical care: Delivering spiritual care in healthcare contexts (Jessica Kingsley)

2013 Editor, Military Chaplaincy in contention: Chaplains, churches, and the morality of conflict (Ashgate)

1999 Michael West, Graham Noble & Andrew Todd, Living theology (Darton, Longman & Todd)

Book Chapters

2021 'Negotiating Religion and Spirituality in Public Healthcare and Prison Settings,' in Ed. Nuri Tınaz, Ali Ayten, Mahmut Zengin, Halil Ekşi, Spiritual Counselling and Care in Health and Prison Services: Diverse Experiences & Practices. (Istanbul: Center for Values Education (DEM) Press): 45-63

2020 Christina Beardsley, Andrew Todd and Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, 'Chaplaincy in Canada and the United Kingdom: Prayer and the Dynamics of Spiritual Care', in Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham et al, Prayer as Transgression? The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare Settings (McGill-Queen’s University Press): ch.5

2020 'The Public Reconstruction of Religion and Belief in UK Prisons: Negotiating Diversity, Rights and Constraints,' in ed. Julia Martínez-Ariño and Anne-Laure Zwilling, Religion and Prison: An overview of contemporary Europe (Springer): 401-420

2019 'Clerical and Lay Models of Ministry,' in ed. Martyn Percy et al, The Study of Ministry: A comprehensive survey of theory and practice (SPCK): 147-60

2018 'Critical Response to Veterans' Case Studies: A Chaplaincy Perspective,' in ed. George Fitchett & Steve Nolan, Case Studies in Spiritual Care: Healthcare Chaplaincy Assessments, Interventions and Outcomes (Jessica Kingsley): 121-127

2017 'A Theology of the World,' in ed. John Caperon, Andrew Todd & James Walters, A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy (Jessica Kingsley): 21-42

2016 'Chaplaincy Public Sector Policy in the UK: International Lessons to be Learnt for Religious-Spiritual Counselling and Care,' in ed. Ali Ayten, Mustafa Koç, Nuri Tınaz and Mehmet Ali Doǧan, Religious-Spiritual Counselling & Care. (Istanbul: Center for Values Education (DEM) Press): 91-109

2015 'The value of spiritual care: Negotiating spaces and practices for spiritual care in the public domain,' in ed. Pye, et al, Critical Care: Delivering Spiritual Care in Healthcare Contexts (Jessica Kingsley): 70-86

2013 Andrew Todd with Colin Butler, 'Moral engagements: Morality, mission and military chaplaincy,' in ed. Andrew Todd, Military Chaplaincy in Contention: Chaplains, Churches, and the Morality of Conflict (Ashgate): 151-168

2011 'Responding to diversity: Chaplaincy in a multi-faith context', in ed. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and Mark Newitt, Being a chaplain (SPCK): 89-102

2010 'Negotiating Daniel's masculinity: The appropriation of Daniel's dreams by actual (rather than ideal) readers', in ed. Ovidiu Creangă, Men and masculinity in the Hebrew Bible and beyond (Sheffield Phoenix Press): 212-232

2002 'Of presbyters and priests - An Anglican view' in ed. Esther Shreeve and Philip Luscombe, What is a minister? (Epworth Press): 104-116

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

2021 Emily Wood, Sally Ross, Julian Raffay and Andrew Todd, 'Service User Views of Mental Health Spiritual and Pastoral Care Chaplaincy Services', Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 9.2 (2021) 216–230

2016 Julian Raffay, Emily Wood and Andrew Todd, 'Service user views of spiritual and pastoral care (chaplaincy) in NHS mental health services: A co-produced constructivist grounded theory investigation', BMC Psychiatry, 16(200)

2016 Guest Editor, Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 4(1)

2016 Emily Wood, Julian Raffay and Andrew Todd, 'How could co-production principles improve mental health spiritual and pastoral care (chaplaincy) services?', Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 4(1): 51-56

2015 'Religion, security, rights, the individual and rates of exchange: Religion in negotiation with British public policy in prisons and the military', International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society 28(1): 37-50

2013 'Preventing the "neutral" chaplain? The potential impact of anti-"extremism" policy on prison chaplaincy', Practical Theology 6(2): 144-158

2013 'The interaction of talk and text: Re-contextualising biblical interpretation', Practical Theology 6(1): 69-85

2005 'Repertoires or nodes? Constructing meanings in Bible-study groups', Journal of Applied Linguistics 4(2): 219-238

2000 'What is theological about theological Reflection?' British Journal of Theological Education, 11(1): 35-45

Research Reports

2015 Andrew Todd and Lee Tipton, What part does faith play in healthcare? Research report to the Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group

2014 Andrew Todd, Victoria Slater and Sarah Dunlop, The Church of England's involvement in chaplaincy, Research report for the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council

2011 Andrew Todd and Lee Tipton, The role and contribution of a multi-faith prison chaplaincy to the contemporary prison service, Research report to the National Offender Management Service

Recent presentations and conferences

Nov. 2018 ‘Negotiating religion and spirituality in public healthcare and prison settings’, 2nd International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Counselling and Care, Istanbul

July 2018 ‘Reflective and/or Contemplative’, British and Irish Association for Practical Theology conference, Warwick University

July 2017 ‘Transgression in the Study of Prayer in Hospitals: Emerging Findings from a Canada/UK Study’, co-presented paper at BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Conference, University of Leeds

July 2016 ‘Interrupting and reconstructing autonomy: the role of religion and spirituality’, BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group conference, Lancaster University

April 2016 ‘Chaplaincy public sector policy in the UK: International lessons to be learnt for religious-spiritual counselling and care’, paper at

May 2016 Keeping faith with the military: Armed Forces chaplaincy as lived public theology, Chester Theological Society

Jan. 2016 ‘Lay chaplaincy and the people of God’, Lecture within a series to mark the 70th Anniversary of SKH Ming Hua, Theological College, Hong Kong

Oct. 2015 ‘The changing face of chaplaincy; the changing face of God?’ Theological questions arising from current developments in chaplaincy’, Final keynote lecture, St George’s House, Windsor, Chaplaincy Consultation

July 2015 Andrew Todd & Stephen Pattison, ‘Can theology be public?’, British and Irish Association for Practical Theology conference, Cardiff University

July 2015 ‘Public religion and changing British secularities: From establishment to individual rights’, BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group 40th anniversary conference, Hoddesdon

April 2015 Opening Plenary Presentation, at ‘Chaplaincy in the mission and ministry of the church: Theological perspectives’ Symposium, Westcott House, Cambridge

March 2015 Senior Researcher Respondent to Professor George Fitchett (Chicago), ‘Making the case on chaplaincy & spiritual care’, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, Utrecht

March 2015 ‘The Scope of Chaplaincy: The present state of knowledge and questions for future investigation’, keynote lecture, Theos launch of the report: A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK, London

Nov. 2014 ‘The public spiritual self: clues from chaplaincy about contemporary understandings of the human person’, Chichester University Research Seminar

Sept. 2014 ‘Holding the human: Healthcare chaplaincy negotiating aspects of the public sacred’, keynote lecture, College of Healthcare Chaplains’ Conference

Oct. 2014 ‘Repatriations: re-membering the body politic’, ‘Embodying Militarism: Exploring the spaces and bodies in-between’ symposium, Cardiff

July 2014 ‘Avoiding being secularized: chaplaincy negotiating the public secular sacred’, BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group conference, Sussex University

March 2014 ‘Buddhist chaplaincy in multi-faith and public contexts’, keynote lecture, International conference on Buddhist chaplaincy, at Balliol College, Oxford

Sept. 2013 ‘Repatriations as re-membering who we are: Military/media rituals and the power of the sacred’, Global Network for Public Theology conference, University of Chester

July 2013 ‘Negotiating spaces for wisdom: Religion and British public policy in prisons and the military’, British and Irish Association for Practical Theology conference, University of York

Feb. 2013 ‘Religious accommodation in the military (The UK)’, The formatting of religions: religious accommodation in prisons and the military, ReligioWest research project consultation, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence