Dr Ana Cocho-Bermejo

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Engineering and the Built Environment
Areas of Expertise:
Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning
Research Supervision:

Dr Ana Cocho-Bermejo is an expert in hybrid design processes for architecture and urban design based on artificial intelligence. She has been a Registered Architect since 2004.

Ana’s research focuses on Machine Learning and AI Hybridized techniques for architectural and urban design.

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Ana joined ARU in January 2022. She was previously Lecturer and Researcher at UIC Barcelona, Academic Manager and Vice-Dean for Student Affairs at UIC Barcelona, and Co-Director of the Masters in Artificial Intelligence for Architectural Design at Barcelona Tech.

Ana holds a PhD in Technology in Architecture and Building Construction from UPC-Barcelona Tech, a MArch from the Architectural Association of London, an MRes in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the Bartlett, and an MPhil in Artificial Intelligence from Barcelona Tech.

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Research interests

  • Hybrid design processes
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Complex systems
  • Distributed intelligence

Areas of research supervision

  • Computational design
  • Data analytics
  • Complex systems
  • Artificial intelligence based design processes


BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons) Architecture:

  • Design Studio A
  • Technology A

BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology:

  • Sustainable Design Studio 1


  • MPhil Artificial Intelligence. Barcelona Tech, 2022
  • PhD Building Technology in Architecture, Construction and Urban Planning. Barcelona Tech, 2012
  • MRes Adaptive Architecture and Computation. The Bartlett, 2011
  • MArch Design as Research. Architectural Association of London, 2006
  • MPhil Representation in Architecture. ETSA Coruna, 2006
  • MArch+ARB Architecture. ETSA Coruna, 2004

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)
  • Architects Registration Board, UK
  • Architects Registration Board, Spain
  • Association of Scientific-Technical and Academic Authors in Spain (ACTA)
  • International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM)
  • Association of Education and rese in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (ECAADE)
Editorial boards and scientific committees
  • International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)
  • Sustainability
  • ArchiDOCT
  • International Journal of Computational Engineering and Management (IJCEM)
  • Formal Methods in Architecture 6th Conference

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Foundation Santander Universia. Full scholarship for MRes, 2011-12
  • Foundation Pedro Barrie de la Maza and British Council. Full scholarship for MArch, 2004-06

Selected recent publications

Cocho-Berjemo, A., forthcoming. Behavioural studies of a multilayer ETFE membrane system through supervised learning and evolutionary computation techniques. International Journal of Architectural Computing.

Navarro-Mateu, D., Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2020. Evo-devo strategies for generative architecture: Colour-based patterns in polygon meshes. Biomimetics, 5(23).

Navarro-Mateu, D., Carrasco, O., Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2020. Diseño inverso para superficies doblemente regladas a través de inteligencia computacional. Dearq, 27, pp. 115-127.

Navarro-Mateu, D., Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2019. Evo-devo algorithms: Gene-regulation for digital architecture. Biomimetics, 4(3).

Navarro-Mateu, D., Makki, M., Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2018. Urban tissues optimization through evolutionary computation. Mathematics, 6(10).

Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2017. Algorithmic Thinking (ArchiDOCT), 8(4) (guest editor).

Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2015. Intelligent deployable multilayer adaptive efte membrane. In: Oñate, E., Bletzinger, K.-U., Kröplin, B., (Eds.), 2015. Structural Membranes: VII International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures (MEMBRANES 2015), Barcelona, 19-21 October, 2015 (Barcelona: International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)), pp. 189-200.

Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2014. Intelligent façade deployable multilayer adaptive membrane for sun-shading and insulation control and optimisation. In: Oñate, E., Oliver, X., Huerta, A., 2014. World Congress on Computational Mechanics, WCCM 2014, European Conference on Computational Mechanics, ECCM and European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, ECFD.

Cocho-Berjemo, A., 2006. Nuevos sistemas inteligentes de diseño. Boletín Académico ETSAC (BAC), 27.