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Dr Ahad Ramezanpour

Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Engineering and the Built Environment
Areas of Expertise:
Mechanical Engineering
Research Supervision:

Ahad has over fifteen years of postdoctoral industry and academic teaching and research experience. He's a Senior Fellow of Advanced-HE and Chartered Engineering with IMechE. Ahad is vice-chair of the South Essex Area IMechE Committee.

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Ahad is Associate Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics at Anglia Ruskin University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is a Chartered Engineer and the Chairman of the South Essex Area IMechE committee. Ahad has over 15 years of industrial and academic management experience as PI and Co-I of successful FP7 and H2020 grants and as deputy head of school, leading engineering at ARU for over three years.

Ahad's teaching and research interests include computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. He focuses on sustainability and energy/water conservation projects. With an MSc in energy conversion and a PhD in compact heat exchangers, examples of Ahad's industrial projects are FP7 REVIVAL, as Co-PI responsible for optimising the design of reversible and autonomous inflow valve in oil production (reducing carbon footprint in water/gas separation in the oil industry), and H2020 Propelair, PI for the design of domestic air-assisted/water-saving toilet systems, saving up to 30% of domestic water usage. Another project proposal from Ahad is an Innovate UK bid for a smart bathroom using integrated water/energy recovery.

Ahad's interest is in system design for energy systems, including energy efficiency in the construction industry and the use of heat pumps to provide bespoke options for water/energy efficient solutions for both new builds and retrofits. His other interests include digital twins (energy/water savings), data analysis, automation, and dashboards.

Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Persian
  • Azeri Turkish
Research interests
  • Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Energy and water saving products and processes
  • Heat exchangers and heat recovery systems
  • Energy efficiency and performance of buildings
  • Turbocharger efficiency and performance
  • Product development, innovation management, and design optimisation

Ahad’s main research interests are sustainability and future cities through smart product development, water and energy saving, and thermal and fluid dynamics analysis and simulation. He has excellent experience in innovation management and development working with many innovators through the years and has two patents to his name. Ahad’s multi-disciplinary experience in the industry, academia, and business development and management gives him a unique ability to communicate with industrial collaborators.

Areas of research supervision
  • Turbocharge optimisation using computational fluid dynamics in collaboration with Imperial College and Mitsubishi Turbocharge and Engine Europe (MTEE)
  • Innovative car screen wiper system for high performance and efficiency
  • Thermal and flow optimisation of swirl flow in various applications
  • PhD, Heat exchanger optimisation, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Certificate for Senior Leader’s Masters Degree
  • PG Cert in Higher Education, Learning and Teaching, Anglia Ruskin University
  • MSc Energy Conversion, Urmia University
  • Aerospace Engineering, Tehran Polytechnic
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
  • Chartered Engineer, Institute of Mechanical Engineers (CEng IMechE)
  • Member of Heat Exchange Action Group (HEXAG)
  • Member of regional IMechE committee
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange
  • 1.3 Million SME Instrument Horizon 2020 for commercialisation of ultra-low flush Propelair toilet, (200K for ARU)
  • Co-founder and Lead Investigator FP7 Revival EU project to develop and autonomous and reversible Inflow Vale Control system for oil extraction for preventing water and gas break through at source (290 K for ARU)
Selected recent publications

Ramezanpour, A., 2010. Authentic Optimisation Study Of The Novel Compact Heat Exchanger. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller e.K., ISBN 978-3-639-20961-717, Jan. 2010.

Book chapters

Ramezanpour A., Mirzaee I., Rahmin R., Shirvani H., 2006. Numerical heat transfer modelling of staggered array impinging jets. Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer, WIT press, pp361-370.


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Ramezanpour A., Lotfi S., Motaghian R., 2002. Enhancement of Gas Turbine Output by Inlet Air Cooling. Journal of Iran Power Research Institute, Summer Edition.

Recent presentations and conferences

K Chacko, M Asadi, A Ramezanpour, AP Markopoulos, 2021, A new and lean finite element model to predict the out of plane crash behaviour of aluminium honeycomb structures. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1037 (1), 012026.

K Hazizi, A Ramezanpour, A Costall, M Asadi, 2019, Numerical analysis of a turbocharger compressor. E3S Web of Conferences 128, 06012.

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Ramezanpour A., Rahmni R., Shirvani H., 2005, “Three-dimensional numerical modelling of staggered tube bundle turbulent cross flow in duct”, Proceedings of ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, San Francisco, USA, July 17-22.

Ramezanpour A., Mirzaee I., Shirvani H., 2003, “A numerical study on heat transfer characteristics of two-dimensional inclined impinging jet”, Fifth IEEE Electronic Packaging Conference, Singapore, December 9-11.

Ramezanpour A., Razavi E., Mirzaee I., 2003, “Triangular grid generation, smoothing grid, and moving grid adaption, and numerical simulation of 2D compressible flow”, Proceedings