What makes a great nurse?

Great nurses do not fit one mould. They are competent and responsible professionals, who strive for excellence in patient care.

Of course they embody the NHS Constitution and the 6Cs (care, compassion, courage, confidence, communication and competence) but more than that, they exemplify emotional intelligence and are visionaries.

Thinking on their feet, adept at conflict resolution and self-reflection. They are not one type and do not tick one box. And what’s best is they inspire the best in their colleagues and encourage and promote positive behaviours in others. Nursing as a career may start with care, but it continues on through courage and pluck with determination and strength.

"A nurse is a practical and unflappable person who is caring and compassionate. They are organised and able to multi-task and work well under pressure. A sense of humour is essential, as is being a team player."

Paul Winter, Junior Charge Nurse, Broomfield Hospital Emergency Department

Collage of photos of six student nurses