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With your support, we can provide transformative, life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged young people who need them the most, giving them the helping hand that they need to build a brighter future.

At ARU, we’re proud to welcome talented individuals, regardless of their background. In fact, 85% of our students share at least one characteristic of disadvantage.

But with your support, we can break down the barriers they face.

For young people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access higher education, our scholarships and bursaries can make a huge difference – a difference that helps them realise their potential.

The most disadvantaged students have the most to gain from their time at ARU.

They may have faced difficult situations or come from a background under-represented in higher education, but by giving them the support they need to take that first step up the ladder, we can transform their lives in a way that will not only benefit them tremendously but also society.

Our graduates serve communities right here in the East of England in so many ways – with many contributing to services such as front line healthcare and community policing.

But despite having already overcome adversity just to get here, the most disadvantaged students also have the hardest time financially once they arrive.

They might be the first in their family to go to university. They could be caring for a family member or have a disability that makes study extra challenging. Or they might simply come from a background with limited support, such as a low-income family or an underperforming school.

Whatever their story, by investing in their future, you can help them overcome the challenges they face and become the next generation of highly-skilled graduates that will tackle our world’s biggest problems.

At ARU, we’re developing music therapists who brighten the lives of people affected by illness, injury and disability. We’re nurturing environmental scientists who are helping to build a more sustainable future. And we’re training the next generation of midwives and medics who we’ll all rely on for essential healthcare.

Without your help, none of this would be possible.

First year student Ebony chose to study Medicine at ARU for two reasons:

Firstly, she wanted to stay relatively close to her parents’ home in Kent. Her family are therapeutic foster carers and Ebony is keen to continue being involved with the children they look after.

Secondly, it was her experience of growing up with a family ethos that strives to help others that made her want to study Medicine.

Ebony says:

“I’ve always wanted to do something that I could take with me wherever I went, as well as something that was practical and with the main focus of helping people, and I hope Medicine will provide that.

“My family has always been focussed on trying to help people in any way that we can. I’m not sure what specialty I would like to pursue at the moment, but I hope to do some travelling and use my skills voluntarily for organisations such as Mercy Ships or MSF, as I have a heart for mission work and helping people on the margins of society.”

Despite Ebony’s family giving everything to ensure her and her sibling grew up happily and able to reach their full potential, it hasn’t come without sacrifices.

Financial difficulties following redundancies made it difficult to embrace all the opportunities available. And as many have experienced in these unprecedented times, the effects of the pandemic have put additional strain on Ebony’s family.

That’s why she applied for a Student Hardship Bursary of £3,000, generously funded by ARU corporate supporters Provide CIC, to support her during her first year – and she was delighted when she found out she had been successful.

She said:

“When I found out I had been awarded the bursary, I was completely overwhelmed and surprised. I am absolutely delighted and extremely grateful to be awarded this bursary. It felt like I was being given an opportunity and made me feel like I can do this, I’m supposed to be here, and I’m being helped along the way.”

The funding has allowed her to invest in an iPad, rather than rely on her old laptop, which had speed and reliability issues. This has helped Ebony with attending classes online, making notes and accessing virtual learning resources – especially important during long periods of isolated study.

She is also now able to record stories for foster siblings and use whiteboard-style apps to enhance the tutoring experience that she provides to younger students alongside her studying.

On top of this, the bursary will significantly reduce the financial burden on her parents as it will help to pay for living expenses and enable her to purchase essential equipment, such as textbooks, a stethoscope and a lab coat.

Not only this, but Ebony has also been able to join the University’s badminton club, which will boost her confidence and give her an opportunity to socialise with others on campus – something which has unfortunately been very limited during the pandemic.

Our Student Hardship Bursary is here to provide a lifeline to students.

Each year we help around 700 students with grants of up to £3,000. But every year, the demand exceeds the resources available.

We award bursaries to those most in need first, helping talented young individuals pay for higher education essentials, whether it’s textbooks and equipment, or bills and putting food on the table.

Ultimately, your support means that we can help more students from disadvantaged backgrounds get the most out of their time at ARU.

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The difference you can make

  • £10 a month could help to support students in hardship to buy essential food/necessities whilst in isolation
  • £50 a month could go towards the costs for one of our healthcare students to travel to their placement within the National Health Services
  • £1,000 could help those students who have been unable to find part time work to support their studies during the pandemic

For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or on 01245 684727.

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