Kuda Chimbudzi

Kuda is wearing a white long sleeved shirt, black trousers and a graduation cap and gown. He stands outside of a building and smiles. It is sunny.

Areas of Interest

Environment and Agriculture

Honorary Award

Honorary Degree of Writtle University College


Kuda Chimbudzi is an advocate for organic gardening and for increasing sustainable practices in horticulture, whilst producing high-quality produce.

After gaining asylum in the UK, Kuda developed his horticultural expertise with hands-on gardening roles, books, and educational courses.

In his former role as head gardener for the kitchen garden at Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground, he worked closely with the resident chef. Kuda’s seasonal produce was used to create healthy, sustainable and nutritious meals for more than 50 people, including professional footballers.

Kuda now works for Leicester City FC, where he continues to pursue his passion for horticulture.