Sustainability: new questions, new answers

Sustainability: new questions, new answers front cover

A freely available collection of 11 short articles and accompanying artwork, launched in November 2015, lending new perspectives to a wide range of sustainability issues.

Sustainability is all about climate change and the environment, right? Wrong. In this collection of articles and artwork find out how our families, cities, jobs, bank accounts, homes, institutions, minds, conversations, media, images and stories are bound up with sustainability.

The idea for the collection arose at a workshop on Energy, Consumption and Wellbeing held over 20-21 June 2013, hosted by Dr Rosie Robison at the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Many workshop participants worked within universities but their experiences also spanned the public sector, charities, journalism, policy and the visual arts. The aim of the collection is to bring some of the latest thinking in sustainability to a wider audience, in a more digestible form than typical academic publications.

The original workshop and this printed collection have been supported financially by the Global Sustainability Institute, the Cambridge Philosophical Society, and the ESRC Festival of Social Science. We are extremely grateful for the support they have provided.

Contents and authors

Part 1. Sustainability and the everyday

1. Everyday ethics: how families talk about consumption, by Sarah-Marie Hall
2. Demand by design: how our infrastructure and professions shape what we do, by Nicola Spurling
3. Working positively to redirect growth: a personal perspective, by Tim Hughes
4. Know-how for keeping warm at home, by Sarah Royston
Part 2. The great sustainability debate
5. Making good decisions: the role of science, by Erica Thompson
6. Sustainability, ‘Us’, and ‘Them’, by Kris De Meyer
7. Why can’t they see sense? Supporting change in others, by Rosie Robison (Ed.)
8. The contradictions of communicating climate change: can we ‘practise what we preach’?, by Adam Corner
Part 3. Sustainability: and now for something a little different…
9. The Shades, by Tim Mitchell
10. The storyteller who wanted to change the world, by Rachel Howell
11. Mindfulness and sustainability: happy bedfellows?, by Alison Armstrong

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