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Global Resource Observatory

Funded by the Dawe Charitable Trust, data and scenarios will be geographically mapped to show the current and future balance and distribution of resources, both across and within countries.

The Global Resource Observatory (GRO) investigates how the scarcity of finite natural resources will impact global social, financial and political fragility in the short term. GRO includes an open source multidimensional model able to quantify the plausible short term interactions of the human economy with the carrying capacity of the planet and key resource requirements. The GRO tool(s) enable the widespread integration of the implications of depleting key resources into all levels of policy and business decision making.

To inform this model, the GRO database was created. The database does not only provide a starting point for the GRO model, but also provides anyone with an accessible, transparent, and easy to use way to access open source data.

  • Principal Investigator: Aled Jones
  • Research Team: Aled Jones, Irene Monasterolo, Davide Natalini, Victor Anderson, Roberto Pasqualino, Alex Philips, Tracey Zalk, Nick Silver, Catherine Cameron
  • Former Project Manager: Julie-Anne Hogbin

Download our Global Resource Observatory briefing note

Download the MetaData file

Download the excel data file