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Errata corrige

The Global Chaos Map, like any other academic piece of work, isn’t perfect and can only be improved with the collaboration of peers and final users.

This page lists errors and inconsistencies that we found in the different materials that have been published.

Errors found

  • Data points South Korea 2005: these data points listed in lines 111 and 149 of the database should be listed as ‘Republic of South Korea’ as this is the country’s official name. This error is also present in the map.
  • Data point South Africa 2013: this data point listed in line 14 of the database carries an incorrect date. The South Africa water account did not occur in 2013, but 2011. This error is also present in the map.
  • Data point Yemen 2013: this data point listed in line 61 of the database should carry the following date: 27/03/2013.
  • Commentary on Egypt: this is connected to three data points, 2008, 2010 and 2013. The descriptive text under the title in the map and the subtext under the title in the actual commentary should say ‘Associated with two separate loan agreements with the IMF, the inflationary pressure driven by food and fuel subsidy cuts is a common suspect behind Egypt’s wide-scale social unrest in 1977 and 2008-2013’.

Call for peer review

If you find any inconsistencies or errors do email them to Dr Davide Natalini and we will address them in the next iteration of the map (and connected materials): [email protected].