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Contact us

We're always happy to hear from people interested in Education for Sustainability (EfS).

Please get in touch and let us know how we can support you. 

Office: OET, 183 East Road Cambridge campus
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Education for Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin
Twitter: @EfS_ARU

EfS Team

PhD students

  • Becky Fisher (2018-): Exploring and evaluating the impact and value of sustainability education, using the Eden Project as a case study
  • Obehi Sule (2014-): Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Higher Education Institutions (also with the GSI C&C theme) 

Student interns, placements and Responsible Futures (RF) auditors

  • Hollie Hawkins, Law LLB, student intern (autumn 2017): supporting Debating Nature's Value and 'Young Change Makers' event 
  • Farah Iqbal, MA Children's Book Illustration, student intern (summer 2017): supporting to update resources and create an illustrated map of EfS at Anglia Ruskin 
  • Reed Macfarland, Law LLB, student intern (summer 2017): supporting to update our Sustainability homepages 
  • Sammi Whitaker, SU President, student intern (summer 2016): supporting to design Sustainability Review 
  • Ava Heinonen, student intern (spring 2016): evaluating sustainability across courses at Anglia Ruskin 
  • Kezia Martin, student placement (spring 2016): supporting on EfS 
  • Obehi Sule, supporting on EfS (2015)
  • James Phillips, supporting on EfS (2015) 
  • Grace Phillips, Internship, creating resources for EfS (2014)
  • Romas Malevicius, Internship, creating resources for EfS (2014)

Responsible Futures auditors (2016) 

  • Ana Perez-Sancshez
  • Dean Bowyer 
  • Elizabeth Amedjou
  • Jemima Booth
  • Michelle Zanga
  • Monica Gama
  • Petra Horka