Writtle University College and ARU have merged. Writtle’s full range of college, degree, postgraduate and short courses will still be delivered on the Writtle campus. See our guide to finding Writtle information on this site.

Keeping ARU safe

ARU is committed to the health and wellbeing of all staff and students. We're working hard to limit coronavirus transmission and keep our campuses safe.

ARU Community Pledge

We expect everyone coming to our campuses to act responsibly and to commit to our Community Pledge – to help keep our community safe and well.

We ask that everyone at ARU commits to the following: 

  • I will act responsibly, taking due care to ensure I protect my health and the health of those around me, and make sure that the areas where we live, work, and study are as safe as they can be.
  • I will show empathy, respect, and consideration to others.

Safe behaviours

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves and each other safe and well. We ask all staff, students and visitors to continue to practice safe behaviours when on our campuses.

Face coverings

We know that face coverings can reduce the risk of transmission because they reduce the spread of droplets and aerosols carrying COVID-19.

If you choose to wear a face covering in our buildings we support you to do so, and if you're on campus and would like to pick up a face covering, they are available for free from the iCentres, reception desks and faculty offices.

Asymptomatic testing

If you are unwell with a high temperature and start to display symptoms of COVID-19, please stay at home or leave campus. You should also remain at home if you have symptoms of other infectious diseases such as heavy colds where you are coughing or sneezing, flu or norovirus.

Students should now report absences due to being ill (regardless of what is making you unwell) via Ask ARU.


Self-isolation is no longer a legal requirement for those who test positive for COVID-19.

However, if you start to feel unwell, we ask you not to come to campus – to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID, as well as other illnesses. Please take care of each other. If one of your friends or housemates is unwell, check in on them.

Personal space and ventilation on campus

Please bear in mind that COVID is still present in the UK – please be mindful and respect each other’s personal space. Continue to use the hand and surface hygiene products available on campus.

We have worked hard to optimise ventilation in our campus buildings. The ventilation on campus has been assessed and modified to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in enclosed areas of campus. However, actions such as opening windows also improves ventilation in enclosed spaces.

Teaching at ARU

We offer face-to-face campus teaching (with the exception of distance learning courses), supported by our established online learning systems, which provide additional support for individual study and engagement.

The number of contact hours varies course by course, and you can contact us for further information.