REACTOR SME case studies

Many SMEs and start up companies have worked with REACTOR. Here, some of the people who had big ideas to develop share their stories.

Lorraine Turner

"In 2016 I had an idea to create a city-based family tourism app. I first thought of it when trying to find an innovative way to engage my children with their local city, Cambridge, and all the exciting sights it has to offer..."
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Will Jackson

"With a background as a product and web designer I was freelancing as a result of the substantial amount of time I spend caring for my daughter, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at 18 months. Prior to this, our family was unfamiliar with CF, but we quickly learnt about living with the condition and now, 12 years later, I have developed a solution that I believe will improve the lives of CF sufferers and their families..."
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Matt Crang

"The first time I had the idea for Movements Map was nearly twenty years ago. It stemmed from my interest in the way the world works, and the way people work within it. Essentially, nearly everything we do in life has a physical movement attached..."
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Nick Apps

"The idea of introducing modern technology into my personal training approach led me to the initial concept for Virtual Nick, and made me realise that, while I had great experience as a successful self-employed personal trainer, the development of a virtual, personal training app was a different ball game..."
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Helen Galbraith

"Working in finance and asset management for many years, I have always had a sound understanding of money and the way it works in our society. It has always struck me that money shouldn’t be something that only experts are educated about; it should be something taught from a young age as an important life skill, something I had been keen to pass on to my own children. The challenge was how to make money ‘fun’…."
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Oli Hilbourne

"I've had a lifelong interest in aerospace, technology and essentially anything that challenges the human expectation of what is possible. I began to think about society as a whole, and the areas that could be supported or enhanced through the use of technology, specifically drone technology. It soon became obvious that there was one area that, despite the entire world relying on it, had remained fairly untouched by the benefits of technology, and that was agriculture..."
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