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Lane Data Solutions: Developing a messaging app for the NHS

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ARU placed a Knowledge Transfer graduate at Lane Data Solutions to help them with their goal to develop an app that would improve and speed up communication times between healthcare professionals while meeting military grade security requirements.

Lane Data Solutions Ltd is a dedicated provider of integrated messaging solutions within healthcare, banking and commercial markets. They have a strong track record in implementing systems across 50 countries, providing professional services, in all time zones.

The project

Lane were looking to develop an integrated mobile messaging app for healthcare professionals that addressed the following issues:

  • healthcare professionals were adopting consumer instant messaging apps which were not secure and were non-compliant with NHS information governance
  • GP surgeries were having difficulties contacting consultants, secretaries and hospital staff to exchange important information
  • time was often wasted on the telephone while on-hold, leaving voicemails and calling back
  • ambulance crews required secure communications with A&E to share updates on patient condition.

The app would require military grade security requirements in order to ensure professionals' and patients' information was kept private.

Collaboration with ARU

Lane received support from our Knowledge Exchange team, graduate Associate Laszlo Borbiro and an appropriate ARU academic, who supervised Laszlo and offered Lane consulting support throughout the collaboration. Together, they were able to:

  • map out the support required to enhance the organisation's strategic planning and operational efficiency
  • research the market to see if and how healthcare professionals were adopting the use of instant messaging
  • determine a requirement, and identify the obstacles to overcome in order to achieve it
  • review similar consumer and commercial products which helped design the functionality and security of the solution.

Benefits for the Associate

The programme gave me the opportunity to work closely with the team at Lane and gave me support through ARU's supervisors. Thanks to the programme I am able to work with the latest technologies and devices which will support me in developing my career further.

— Laszlo Borbiro, Associate at Lane Data Solutions Ltd

As a result of the KTP, Laszlo was able to:

  • work through the whole development life cycle
  • receive technical training in development methods, development architectures, database design and development, new server-side programming approaches, and new frameworks and APIs
  • develop skills in project management, scheduling team meetings, customer visits and presenting ideas
  • give extensive technical help and product demos to colleagues and customers

Benefits for Lane

We had the problem we wanted to solve in our mind from the outset. The Knowledge Exchange programme provided valuable additional resources, knowhow and a framework to quickly test the problem and develop a minimal viable product. We're now actively engaging with NHS customers.

— Lane Data Solutions Ltd

As a result of the KTP, Lane were able to develop:

  • networks through connections and introductions by ARU
  • a good source code for the app
  • an app that met customer requirements
  • a military grade secure server
  • a fully secure closed database
  • a completely encrypted instant messaging application
  • partnerships with NHS trusts which supported information gathering for the development stages.

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