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ReHabgame: a serious game for rehabilitation

Still from the interactive game ReHabgame - avatars of two people standing and performing simple movements

ReHabgameTM is a cost-effective and accessible game that aids neuro-motor rehabilitation. We're seeking a commercial partner to bring the game to market.

Specially designed to improve the range of motion and the kinematic ability of motor-impaired participants, the unique design features of the game means it can be used for physiotherapy purposes at home or in community settings – for example, in rehabilitation centres and care homes.

ReHabgame™ encourages motor-impaired patients to perform physiotherapy exercises, increasing treatment effectiveness and compliance.

Participants can play the game for as long as they want (we recommend 45 to 60 minutes each session). Multiple players can also compete against each other while exercising, encouraging social contact.

There are four mini-games altogether. Players control an avatar that mirrors the rotations of the body joints through commercial multi-channel-input devices (Kinect, Myo, foot pedals and Leap Motion). The actions required to play the game encourage unique combinations of limb movements necessary to promote rehabilitation.

Administered functional reach tests challenge the player to interact with objects in a 3D-environment while standing or sitting. The complexity level adapts automatically based on the ability of the user. A foot pedal device, such as the Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedal, simulates the action of walking and measures body movement.

ReHabgame™ is beneficial in any situation where physiotherapy is used to improve the kinematic ability of motor-impaired patients. Example user groups include older people, stroke patients, those with long-term mobility issues, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or motor impairment.

Patients have demonstrated a significant improvement in motor performance and increased motivation to participate, compared to formal physiotherapy. The visual representation of the trajectory of the objects increases the perception of the participant’s voluntary/involuntary upper extremity movement. The visual feedback received during the game allows patients to relearn and improve basic skills to restore appropriate physical functionality, for instance using hands for timed grasp, holding, buttoning, reaching, balancing or/and walking. Further developments could improve postural control and balance.

Healthcare professionals and carers can collect the following data to monitor patients' progress:

  • time and length of use
  • range of motion
  • kinematic ability
  • the hand’s lower arm muscle activity
  • level of engagement
  • task completion times.

Since ReHabgame™ runs on standard commercial multi-channel-input devices, there is no need to develop specialist hardware. It doesn't require a virtual reality headset.

ReHabgame™ can be supplied to individuals, NHS or private clinics, or via the NHS for use at home.

Commercial opportunities

ReHabgame™ has the potential to be developed as a tool for clinical studies. It could also be marketed in the health and wellbeing industry for non-clinical uses, in particular for sports training (i.e. to teach muscle memory or to direct specific exercises to strengthen muscles for particular sports).

Work with us

We're seeking a commercial partner to bring ReHabgame™ to market.

The software is suitable for immediate use, but requires validation as a Class I medical device before it can be released for rehabilitation purposes.

A further investment of £9,000 would allow further development of the game for gait, posture and balance rehabilitation, and for aesthetic enhancements within nine to 12 months.

ReHabgame: a serious game for rehabilitation (PDF)

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