Inspiring the next generation

"Working with international students opened my eyes to a global perspective of Business Management. During class discussions, the knowledge shared was enhanced by the diverse cultures, allowing for a more invaluable exchange of knowledge to support my own academic development.

"Furthermore, I found the encouragement to work in multicultural groups for presentations increased the my cultural sensitivity, where the sharing of knowledge in smaller groups allowed me to gain a more in-depth perspective of different individual’s cultural values and beliefs.

"From an academic viewpoint, this was particularly beneficial to my studies as it allowed me to gain an understanding of countries’ economies and employment practices beyond what academic literature could offer me, but from a first persons real-life experience – which is invaluable in my eyes!

"Outside of academic studies, I’ve made some truly loyal friendships with students I studied with from the Netherlands, Bulgaria and America. With a trip planned to Bulgaria next year, I’ve been able to develop both academically in the expansion of my cultural awareness and knowledge, alongside forming lifelong friendships which are allowing me to explore the world."

Gemma Thomas
BSc (Hons) Business Management

"Anglia Ruskin University is an ideal academic environment which has enabled me to excel in all my goals, both inside and outside the classroom. That included all of my co-curricular activities. I chose ARU and the Lord Ashcroft International Business School because of the small size classes it offers, which allow for direct interaction between the lecturers and students. This helps in building great relationships amongst peers and helped me get a better understanding of my course. I felt I got great support from my lecturers. I will miss this place and the city of Cambridge a lot."

Joseph Mhaiki