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Why consider a career in recruitment?

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25 March 2022

Recruitment Consultancy is a sector that is growing rapidly and is always hungry for new talent. In this blog, Katie Johnson looks at why this is an industry well worth considering as your next step…

According to the Office for National Statistics, 39,232 Recruitment Agencies conducted business in the UK during 2018. Numbers of new staffing and recruitment agencies opening their doors have continued to increase since then, with 6,000 new recruitment businesses registered in 2021 according to Companies House - a 3% rise from 2020 despite the pandemic.

Business is booming for UK recruiters, with demand now enhanced by the gradual reawakening of the job market following the Covid-crisis (which led to top talent staying put and organisations putting hiring on hold). Now, with mostly everything opening back up, recruiters are filling the needs of companies hurrying to employ new people as they recover - and restructure - to meet the needs of the post-pandemic ‘new normal,’ including remote and hybrid working.

As Recruitment Agencies continue to grow parallel to the client-businesses whose workforces they supply, agencies are finding increasing needs to nurture new talent of their own, resulting in a growing number of Recruitment Consultancy based graduate schemes and placements. With a quick search engine visit, students can find a broad array of graduate opportunities with positions available in some of the largest UK recruitment firms, as well as the most exclusive boutique staffing agencies.

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It's no surprise then, that enterprising graduates are recognising the opportunities that come with a career in recruitment. There are low barriers to entry; whilst great academics will always be an advantage, what frequently sets successful candidates apart is a winning personality and the drive to succeed. Recruitment, when done right, can prove to be a highly lucrative career, and it is largely based on soft skills and the ability to build effective business relationships.  

Why are graduates applying? Aside from what can be great monetary compensation (recruiters are often generously incentivised to meet financial targets); graduate recruiters may also experience other great perks like private and dental medical cover, achievement-based prizes, or trips, flexible, remote and hybrid working options, and opportunities for international travel when representing talent firms with a global client base. 

It should be noted that despite these advantages, recruitment is not for everybody. The role of a Recruitment Consultant demands flexibility around client and candidate availability, and often involves working in a competitive environment against tight deadlines. However, if you are commercially aware, hungry for success, resilient and highly organised, a graduate career in recruitment can be extremely rewarding and exciting. Immense job satisfaction can come from supporting a client to hire the right applicant or helping a candidate land their dream job

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In an economic environment where breaking into the graduate job market can be extremely challenging, demand for new talent in the recruitment sector remains high. Once graduates have gotten that all important first job, and spent time polishing their skills and building experience, they will find that when the time comes to move up the career ladder proven Consultants with demonstrable expertise are highly prized across the industry. With agencies competing to hire and retain top talent, the opportunities for career growth are almost limitless

To find out more about how recruitment agencies work, and how to make them work for you, check out our previous blog “Using recruitment agencies - what's in it for you?

The Employability Service ([email protected]) can advise further on working in this sector (we even have team members with recruitment agency experience!) and provide support with your job search and the application process.

Katie Johnson, Employability & Careers Adviser

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