Where can one find LGBTQ+ friendly spots on and around campus?

Lily Bayford

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology
Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Category: Student blogs

28 June 2024

June is pride month, and being a student at university it is important that you know you have support around you. The main question of this blog is, where can one find LGBTQ+ friendly spots on and around campus? This is an important question to ask, not just for pride month but all year round, so I will be advising on different events, support and how ARU provides friendly spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.


One main way in how you can find similar people in the ARU community is by joining societies. This is a great way for you to connect, share experiences and just have a general conversation with people you may not have connected with previously.

One example is the Queer Collective society. This society has an aim to not only create a safe space for those in the community, but also to educate those who may have questions in the topic, as well as those in surrounding areas of ARU to make a difference.

Places around campus

Not only are there places where LGBTQ+ people are celebrated on campus but also around campus and in public, specifically in the Cambridge area. If you are interested in nightlife, clubs host events such as Glitterbomb at Vinyl on a Tuesday night, and other events in addition.

This is a great way for you to mingle with people from ARU, but also people of a similar age and similar interests from elsewhere. It can be a great opportunity for you to have fun and let your hair down, and celebrate the community. 

Support for LGBTQ+ students

At ARU, our main aim is the create a safe environment for those in the community. We aim to educate those, unlearn what society has taught us and provide continuous support.

Here are some main ways in which we are implementing this into day-to-day life

  • Use of pronouns – displaying pronouns on name badges and encouraging the use of correct pronouns
  • Working with Student Union – working closely with students and allies in the community enables the correct support and facilities
  • Educating those in the ARU community through education on gender and sexual identity with events held at ARU

In addition to working closely with the student union, ARU also work closely with LGBTQ+ and Trans reps which are nominated by the students themselves. Therefore, this gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard and to provide consistent feedback. This can give you a safe space to go into how things can be improved, and for you to communicate your issues with people who may be facing the same.

Pride month events

ARU are sponsoring this year’s Pride Month events in Cambridge and Chelmsford. This included events such as Cambridge Pride to celebrate those in the LGBTQ+ community. This can be a safe environment for you to be comfortable in yourself and connect with those around you. It also is a chance for those who don’t have a voice to be heard, and for you to also support others.

I hope this helped in encouraging you to seek out the many LGBTQ+ friendly places we have on and around campus and pushes you to connect with others to ensure you are having that support you need around you. Thanks for reading.


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