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Course:Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship MBA
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29 April 2020

Degree apprentice Curt Boon

We’re proud to say that ARU apprentices have stepped up to support the efforts of fighting COVID-19, as well as balancing their jobs and family commitments. Here, MBA student Curt talks about manufacturing PPE for the NHS, while continuing to study.

Curt Boon is Head of Production at Adder Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance IP KVM and connectivity solutions based in Cambridge. Curt is currently studying his MBA Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship with us.

Curt gave us some insights into how he’s managing to work from home with a family, support the COVID-19 effort and study for his MBA.

“I started working almost completely remotely from 17 March. On the night of 16 March I worked into the early hours to set up a remote management framework including Microsoft Teams sites for production support and production planning. Despite everything that has been going on we managed to sustain a great delivery performance in March.

"Using our in-house 3D printer, a team of Adder Technology engineers have been producing face shields for the NHS. Since the beginning of April, over 60 units have been delivered to Addenbrooke's and Hinchingbrooke hospitals."

Curt explained how despite working and supporting his team with the production of vital PPE for the NHS frontline, he has managed to find time to study.

“For the first two weeks of lockdown I had very little mind space for the MBA, however I did use the time to pull some necessary apprenticeship evidence together. Around two weeks ago I motivated myself to get ‘my head back in the game’ and since then I have put some long evenings in trying to get back up to speed with one of my assignments.

"Despite the dedication I have to my studies I had to take some very serious priority calls. My immediate priorities are my own and my family’s health and well-being. My secondary priority is to keep Adder operational – our equipment is being used by critical business around the world across industries such as healthcare, broadcast and utilities. And of course, it is what pays the bills and enables most of my life to be comfortable!

"Once these two top priorities were back in steady state, I had the head space to return to arguably my third priority, self-development and studying. (I have also done a lot of cooking and baking which is a passion I don’t usually have time for. I find it relaxing and an escape from the real world.) I still feel somewhat behind but at least I am making progress and have something of a plan to get back on track. Wish me luck!”

We'd like to thank Curt and Adder Technology for their heroic efforts for supplying much-needed PPE for the NHS front line. We're inspired by Curt’s determination and motivation during these unprecedented times.

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