Top resources for studying Robotics and Electronics Engineering


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Electronics and Robotics
Category: Engineering

9 June 2022

Hello everyone in this blog I will talk about Top Resources for Studying Robotics and Electronics Engineering. I hope you find it useful.

At the top of my top list, if you learn from what you see, then you can relate to this. I call it the “online university”, YouTube is a source of learning, revising, and finding inspiration. Some lecturers attach some links to their slides for us to review while studying or writing a report.

Second, on my list, is IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). I would describe it as a massive worldwide technical and professional engineering library. Their main goals are to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity. You will need some information from their website to implement your report with facts and reliable sources. If you have any problem signing in, ask one of your lecturers or the Head of the Department. It’s free for ARU students.

In the third position, is the ARU library. If you like reading books or handling books, ARU offers a great choice of books. Not my favourite… but remember as an engineering student, when writing reports, we need reliable information.

Before I forget, a little surprise. ARU also offers their library in an online version! Making this easy to find and reach between all campuses across the country. The online library site has a lot, just to help you out with what was relevant for me, I’ll leave links of where to find robotics and automation e-books and exam papers from previous years:

Lastly, it might be funny but it’s worth being on my list. Tik Tok! It is not a reliable source but can be used to implement your report with more ideas, solutions, and improvements. It is worth having a look at it, take the information with discretion. It's the same as Wikipedia, meaning that there is a lot of information, but the sources are not reliable, so just be careful.

Last last last one! Ask your lecturers they are always available to help and give out their knowledge!

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