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Top five things I love about ARU

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Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) International Business Management
Category: Business

25 May 2023

From co-curricular learning, to employability support and relaxing social spaces: final-year business student Francesca shares fives things she has loved about ARU.

I'm Francesca, and I am currently in my final undergraduate year at ARU in Cambridge.

Cambridge city is a beautiful place for students. The university has a super-centred position, and its students have many facilities and opportunities to discover and exploit!

Here are the top five things I love about ARU.


In my faculty, Business and Law, ARU Certificate for Professional Development is a huge opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and skills for their future careers.

It offers accredited co-curricular activities, and I loved attending different modules and classes on various topics that increased my cultural and professional capabilities. I have been able to study social media marketing communication, understand the entrepreneurship world, improve my negotiation skills and apply my business capabilities to different start-up ideas through consumer journey maps and canvas business plans. I received extra credits and a certificate for completing the modules. The modules were well-structured and delivered with high-quality content. They are fabulous.

Practical assignments for modules

I loved writing and creating my assessments over my university time. I especially appreciated how they were structured and practical, and creative. In each assessment, I had to research and apply my knowledge practically to a specific topic. I have developed organisational, creative, professional and analytical skills. Studying current markets and critical thinking has opened my mind to a business perspective. I have developed and analysed different parts of the business management approach and challenged myself in inventing and thinking.

Students' Union

The Students' Union is a student-friendly space to study, meet friends, play, think, rest, eat and much more! The Student Union Society provides students with fun, new friends and experiences outside the classroom. There are many enjoyable social events, volunteering, classes, games and possibly joining one of the societies! I love going to the Students' Union to take a break from my study. There are free snacks and drinks and it is a perfect place for some rest!

Employability support

ARU Temps is a part of ARU's Employability Service. It is the campus recruitment agency providing paid temporary work opportunities to students. I have been using ARU Temps to find temporary jobs to fit my study schedule, especially during my final year while writing my dissertation. It is super efficient and helpful in finding good jobs to help us develop our skills, and get into internships and student-friendly roles with the help and support of professionals. By getting experience and adding to our CV, our future career starts to take shape in our minds.

University Library

The library has been my favourite space for a long. I have spent most of my time since Year 1 in the Cambridge library. I have loved going around finding and borrowing books to increase my knowledge. The space is well organised and structured with many facilities for any need. The ground floor has many laptops you can rent, computers that are open access, printers, study pods to learn in with friends, sofas to chat, and room for meeting or study groups. On the other floors, there are quiet spaces and silent spaces to meet any preference. I have been renting study spaces with my friends and studying at various levels according to my different exams and needs. I have often been grateful that it's open 24/7!

Come and explore

Francesca studies BSc (Hons) International Business Management at ARU in Cambridge. Find out more about our courses, facilities, and student life at ARU at one of our Open Days.


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