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Spiderman across the spider-verse: 3 lessons on teamwork you need to know now!

Marilu Cruz-Bravo

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: Engineering Management MSc
Category: Student blogs

21 June 2023

I am a big fan of animation. I totally agree with the words of Guillermo del Toro, one of the most influential Mexican filmmakers, when he said animation is not a genre for kids but a medium for art and film, while holding the Academy Award he won for his version of Pinocchio, last year.

Then you can imagine how exciting was last week when the continuation of Miles Morales and his adventures was released. I normally enjoy every movie I watch while I analyse it and look for opportunities to find analogies that I can use to explain industrial engineering topics. And I got it! Here you have my top three lessons from your friendly neighbourhood spidey.

If you have not seen this movie and don’t want me to spoil it for you, stop reading now. Get a ticket. Enjoy. Now continue.

  1. During the scene in Mumbattan we get to know Pavitr Prabhakar. He fills the screen with his extreme coolness and attitude. A canon event is disrupted by Miles: he saves the captain. Pavitr thanks Miles. Everything is just right. Miles looks at Gwen and says: we are a good team. And yes. We normally have seen spider-man as a solo actor, saving the day with his talents. But there are always problems that can not be solved even by the most skilled ones and demand teamwork. Yes, there are canon events in real life. You cannot succeed in business by working alone. You need to work as a team. So, any similarity with real life situations is not mere coincidence.
  2. When you help others, they are willing to help you back. We all saw Gwen’s team at the end, the ones who believe that Miles is right. Pavitr was there, of course. You helped me when I needed, I am here for you. If you remember Into the Spider-verse, then it is clear why Spider-Noir, Spider Pork and the rest are in the team. Leaders are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team and that’s exactly what our guy did before, one movie ago.
  3. If you failed before, that does not mean that you can not succeed in the future. And that’s why Miguel O’Hara is wrong. He is leading his team trying to avoid fatal consequences that will come from doing different. Basically, Miguel is trying to preserve the status quo. Miles Morales is just defying it. Both points of view are plenty justified. But only one paves the way for continuous improvement.

If you find more valuable lessons, please let me know in the comments.


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