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My personal development tutor at ARU


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Science
Category: Computing and digital technology

20 April 2021

When you’re a student at ARU you will be assigned a Personal Development Tutor (PDT). They are there to help you from day one.

A PDT is a lecturer who is from the same faculty as you, with the role of supporting you during your development while at university. I have found there are so many reasons to stay engaged with your PDT. I’ve listed a few of the amazing ways my PDT has helped me.

1. Support with modules and other lecturers

Even though all my ARU lecturers have been amazing throughout my journey, and very quick to offer help, it might happen that you want to seek confidential assistance first from someone who is not teaching you right now. For example, if you are concerned about some assignments and think you might need further adjustments, you and your PDT can talk about your options, then approach the lecturer together to find the best solution for everyone.

2. Advice and help

Your PDT is also the best person to ask for advice in regards to your career, and it’s a great idea to make the most of this assistance while you have it. If you come across a job opportunity or you’re looking for a placement and you don’t know what to do, they can assist and help you to make the right choice. They can also help you with industry know-how and proofread your cover letter for you.

My PDT helped me in several situations so far and the most of my decisions have been made thanks to her thoughtful and knowledgeable advice.

3. Recommendation letters

If you apply for a job, internship or a scholarship, the institution will ask you for a reference. Your PDT is the best person who can provide the recruiter/organisation with a reference letter, they know you best and also will know your aspirations, too.

The more you talk to them and to keep them updated on your progresses the more accurately and confidently they will be able to write about you and commend you on the progress you have already made.

Your PDT could end up being a friend, a teacher and a mentor. Since many students start university with no professional background, it is important to engage with them when it comes to making important decisions. They can really help you get the most from your academic experience at university and ensure you start making connections and steps on your career ladder before you leave university.

Simone studies BSc (Hons) Computer Science at ARU in Cambridge. Find out more about this, and other degree courses, at one of our Open Days.


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