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My three years studying zoology


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (hons) Zoology
Category: Animal sciences

30 July 2021

I know it is the most cliché saying but these three years at ARU have been the best of my life. I have met my best friends and my lovely boyfriend at ARU, as well as gained numerous memories (some lost but we won’t discuss my fresher’s week) and developed an endless list of skills that have improved my employability enormously.

I learnt so many things within the degree that will help me during my zoo career such as welfare, legislation, nutrition, enclosures, enrichment, the list could go on forever! Through utilising ARU Temps (the on campus employment agency) and developing my jobs as a student and digital ambassador I learnt how to speak to large audiences confidently and create content about my course, too.

However, I would argue the most important thing I learnt was always be yourself. I have previously altered my personality slightly to “fit in” but at ARU there was no need! I found people who were on my wavelength and it was such a breath of fresh air.

A skill I did not expect to develop extensively was my confidence. I grew the confidence and the ability to say no. Another skill I did not expect to develop was identifying opportunities. I realised through my time at ARU, working with ARU Temps and volunteering at Shepreth Wildlife Park how often opportunities arise. I noticed opportunities and grabbed everything I could in order to develop my CV. This has worked wonders as I am now about to graduate and head into a dream job at Woburn Safari Park!

Make the most of every opportunity offered to you. University really is about the experience just as much as it’s about the degree. Jump into societies (you can even make your own) and clubs. Keep your door open and say hello to your new flat mates. Just try your best to say yes to exciting opportunities, make the most of the three years and do anything that will make your CV stand out! I took part in regular volunteering at Shepreth Wildlife Park and logged all my hours on the Student Union website. So, not only did I gain valuable skills and knowledge from first-hand experience, but I also received an award for the number of volunteering hours logged through the Student Union.

I’ve loved these last 3 years and if you are due to start your journey soon, all I can say is I hope you have the best experience, too!


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