Ten resources for computer gaming students

Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
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23 June 2020

We asked our computer gaming lecturers to tell us their top resources for new students to check out before joining one of our courses. Here are Computer Games Art lecturer Matt Syrett's choices.

80 Level – a good place to read articles about game development and tutorials.

Table Flip Games YouTube - a resource for tutorials for art and programming. 

CGA YouTube - the BA (Hons) Computer Games Art YouTube channel, with many tutorials for creating artwork for games.

Art Station - a portfolio website with access to game dev articles, jobs, other peoples artwork and tutorials.

Unity Connect - a place for Unity games engine tutorials, it also includes a job search section.

3dEX YouTube - tutorials for creating stylized models/textures.

Zbrush Central - Zbrush tutorials and portfolio website.

Unreal Engine Learning – a learning resource for Unreal Engine 4.

Watch our 2020 Computer Games Art student showreel.

By Matt Syrett
Lecturer in Computer Games Art


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