Eight ways to make your new room your own


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13 July 2018

Moving away from home to live at university? Here are some simple ways to make your new room light, green and serene. And... relax.

Think green

Bring your space to life with a little colour. As well as being great decorations, studies suggest that plants, cactuses, shrubs and succulents help improve your mood, levels of attentiveness and can even purify the air.

Maximise natural light

Those plants are going to need some natural light if they’re going to stay vibrant, and so are you. Natural light is a source of vitamin D, which also helps regulate your mood. Use mirrors to maximise light coming through windows.

Clear desk, clear mind

It’s difficult to focus when your desk is cluttered with excess paper, pens, plates and mugs. So here's a nice mantra: minimise mess and dress your desk with just the bare essentials to avoid stress. While you’re here, check out these other stress-busting tips.

Pictures, pins and posters

At these times in particular, it helps to have visual cues. A pinboard with daily lists and reminders or posters showing your working are great ways to make your room feel like yours, while helping you revise in the process.

Home comforts

Whether you’re going to university from near or far, reminders of home are essential. Whether it’s framed family photos, furniture or even a few trinkets, filling your space with reminders of the people and places that matter to you is a sure-fire way to put your stamp on your new room.

Ignite the senses

Your sense of smell is a pretty powerful thing when it comes to evoking feelings of home. Candles aren’t always allowed in university halls, but there are lots of other ways you can create a comforting atmosphere. Reed diffusers, air fresheners and sprays are all great alternatives, and if you are allowed candles, even better! We recommend a calming lavender.

All of the lights

Lighting can make a world of difference in making a room feel homely. For some subtle sparkle, fairy lights can come in at under a fiver online, while electric tea lights will also do the job. You’ll want muted lighting for nights in, which will help immeasurably with our next tip...

Sleep is a precious commodity

Treat it as such. Good quality bedding is an investment that’ll stretch beyond just your time at university. Never underestimate the difference a solid six to eight hours a night can make, especially during times when you need to be fresh and focused, like exam period.

What is Clearing?

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You can apply for uni through Clearing if

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  • your grades are different to what you expected
  • you’ve only just decided to go to uni
  • you’ve changed your mind about what or where you want to study since you originally applied.

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