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Business and Human Resource Management student Alessia

Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Management

Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Hello everyone, I am Alessia and I am from Brindisi, a lovely maritime city in the South of Italy. I am currently in my second year studying Business and HR Management. I am a January starter as I came to ARU after transferring from another university in my home country since I realised I had to follow my life dream!

My life dream has always been studying abroad in an international environment being surrounded by people coming from all walks of life and learn about their culture and traditions. I am glad I had the courage to follow my dream and come to ARU, which has now become my home! With great pleasure, I literally spend every day at university as I made lots of new friends and I am involved in so many extracurricular activities organised by the Business and Law Faculty and by the Students Union- social evenings like pizza nights or international games nights are my favourites!

Since the beginning of the course, I have developed myself to a great extent both personally and professionally. I have been selected to be part of the Intern programme, which actually means that I receive monthly training aiming at the development of my soft skills to be better prepared for the Business world and I have been assigned a business mentor who supports me in my skills development. I am also a member of the Students Advisory Board, which is a board composed of both students representatives and members of staff and we work together to make the students experience at university as good as it can possibly be. I also have the pleasure to be a Rep for my course making sure that students’ voice is heard.

As inferable, ARU has given a lot to me and I am excited to be a Digital Student Ambassador to help new students by answering any query they may have and reassuring them! I have been in your place and I reckon the importance of feeling supported when starting a new and challenging experience as beginning university is!

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