Five great ways degree apprenticeships can benefit your business

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11 October 2017

Clare Fazackerly from ARU's Degrees at Work Team explains why degree apprenticeships are an excellent way to inject skills, ideas and energy into your business, building a talented workforce for sustainable growth and success.

Whether a new recruit, or an existing employee, degree apprentices will learn a huge number of additional skills, increasing the breadth of their knowledge and understanding of your industry – all while on the job.

Here are a few of the benefits degree apprenticeships can bring to your business.

1. Future business productivity

75% of employers with apprentices report an improvement in productivity.

2. Career progression for your employees

Apprenticeships can help you retain your most valuable employees, by encouraging them to grow and develop within your organisation. With a well-developed skillset, they’ve got a greater chance of promotion.

3. Excellent value

Gain generous Government funding for employers. Larger companies will be able to use their Apprenticeship Levy funds to cover the cost of apprentices’ tuition fees. It’s not only you who’ll be noticing the great value. Your employees will feel as though you’re investing in them, and be more likely to stay with your company.

4. New talent

Apprenticeships are great for attracting and developing talent, with staff knowing they’ll gain an industry relevant qualification and learn the theoretical reasons behind the most effective methods.

5. Learning relevant to your business

Benefit from students developing skills and knowledge tailored to your business.

By Clare Fazackerly
Head of Business Development, Degrees at Work

Degree apprenticeships at ARU

A number of degree apprenticeships are available for a broad range of businesses, and that number is expected to continue increasing as the courses grow in popularity.

If you’re a large business already paying the Apprenticeship Levy, you should take advantage of the money you’re contributing and reinvest in your workforce with degree apprenticeships. And if you’re an SME not paying the Levy, why not enjoy the benefits of having 90% of a degree apprenticeship funded by the Government?

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