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Application process to ARU: how it worked

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Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: MSc Marketing
Category: Business

18 May 2022

MSc Marketing student Karina is studying at ARU in Cambridge, As an international student, she applied directly to ARU and accessed lots of online information about the University. She shares some of the details with us.

I found the application process to ARU quite transparent and easy. All the information upon the course and entry requirements was available on the ARU website. I could check the duration of programs, how much was the tuition fee, what core modules would be, etc.

As an international student, I had some questions regarding English language proficiency certificates and living in the UK, and I got replies to all my inquiries from ARU International Office at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, I used UniBuddy to chat to ARU students and staff to clarify some other nuances. I was extremely glad to receive exhaustive and detailed answers to all my questions.

Moreover, I was particularly interested in student accommodation in Cambridge. On the ARU website I could get information about all ARU properties: facilities, prices, and the application process. I could even get a 360 tour online! That was incredible!

Before applying I also checked the University’s social media to see what the campus looked like, what events were organized at university, and a lot of other things. I found ARU on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, looked through the latest photos and videos, and then I realized that I wanted to be a part of that. On social media I could see happy faces of real students and staff which elicited the feeling of trust. I saw that ARU not only organized the education process but also encouraged active student life. I learned that multiple cultural and sports events and contests had been organized at ARU within the academic year, and I imagined myself taking part in those events in the future. Furthermore, I learned about ARU Temps service from ARU Instagram. I was happy to know that I could enhance my CV and boost my income whilst studying. ARU Temps has helped me find part-time work that fits around my studies. I am now a Student Ambassador, and I’m writing this blog. I should admit that it's a great way to gain experience and skills.

As for research I did before applying to ARU, I believe that I was mostly affected by the stories of my friends and acquaintances who had graduated from ARU. Since ARU is a partner of the university where I got my BSc degree from, I know some students who have also decided to do a double degree program with ARU. They shared their experiences so that I came up with the decision to apply and to see with my own eyes everything that they described.

To wrap it up, don’t be afraid to apply to ARU – it’s not as difficult as it might seem. Everything is available online, and if you have any questions left ARU students and staff are always happy to help you with that!

By Karina
MSc Marketing student

Karina studies MSc Marketing with ARU in Cambridge. If you're interested in this, or other courses, come along to an Open Day to find out more about studying with us.


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