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Hi, I’m Isobel Gowers and I am the Academic Lead: Active Inclusive Learning within Anglia Learning and Teaching. My role very much focuses on promoting students creating their own learning, giving them agency and developing great critical thinking, problem solving and lifelong learning skills along the way. I also have a keen interest in digital accessibility, and I am passionate that we should use teaching methods that allow all our students to flourish at university and beyond.

I started my academic career as a post-doctoral researcher investigating the genetics and epigenetics of arthritis but from the moment I started teaching, I knew that was what I was interested in specialising in. I worked as a senior lecturer and course leader before becoming the Head of Learning and Teaching at a small and specialist university college.

My pedagogic interests included both active learning and technology enhanced learning. I joined ARU in 2018 as I was keen to be involved in the active curriculum framework that underpinned the ARU Education Strategy.

When not working I can generally be found out of doors. I am a coach with Riding for the Disabled and a run leader and ladies captain of my local running club. I especially enjoy running (and cycling) around the hills of the UK and have completed several fell races as well as cycling the North Coast 500 around the north of Scotland!

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29 April 2021

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