A day in the life of a Biomedical Science student - Komal


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

9 May 2022

Komal describes a typical day in her life as a Biomedical Science student in Cambridge.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning in March, I woke up at 6am to get ready for my face-to-face session, which is at 10am but as I don’t live in Cambridge, I must commute by bus which takes me an hour and a half from my city.

A double-decker bus
Komal in front of the entrance to ARU campus in Cambridge
Komal on campus

I reach the campus at around 9:30am and start catching up with my friends/course mates in the science building. We usually discuss the weekly course material and how’s everyone getting on with the assignments.

Today is the beginning of Week 11 of the trimester, unlike other Mondays, I have four sessions, an hour each per module, usually I have a four-hour practical session for the module called Lab Techniques in the SuperLab. We got the results of the DH5a plates that we did last week.

Komal wearing a labcoat and face-mask
A DH5a plate

As always, I am prepared for all the sessions because I have already watched all the videos and read all the instructions on Canvas (our online learning system). I like to come prepared so I can fully interact during the sessions.

Once all the lectures are over, I go out with my friends for lunch. It’s 2pm and I am super hungry so today we’re going to Tokoko, which is an Asian restaurant. I am having the chicken katsu poke with spicy mayo and lychee flavoured Mogu Mogu drink, I highly recommend this, it’s lovely!

A table of several meals from Tokoko
Three bottles of Mogu Mogu

Every Monday at 3pm, the ARU Foodie Society organises events and I have two reasons to join every week – number one, I enjoy the vibe as everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and number two, my best friend is the treasurer of the society and I love spending time with him. So, today’s event is watching a movie and eating pizza. I know it’s not even been an hour since I ate, but this pizza looks delicious so I’m going to overeat. As it is almost the end of the trimester and everyone has assignments due this week, only a few people joined. We decided to watch a Disney movie, Inside Out, and I love the movie.

Two hot chocolates with hearts decorating their foam on top
A movie screen showing a picture of a baby

Everyone start leaving by 5pm, and then I help my friend to wrap up and bring the society’s property back to the locker in the Student Union. Now, as I promised him, we are going out for a coffee. We both got a hot chocolate.

Time to go home, the bus is due at 7:00pm and as always, my friend is walking me to the bus stop.

It’s been a long and fun day. I’m very tired and looking forward to going to bed after taking a warm shower.

Thanks for joining me on my day 😊

Komal is studying Biomedical Science at ARU in Cambridge. To find out more about our degree courses and student life at ARU, book your place at an Open Day.


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