5 reasons that inspired me to study Engineering at ARU


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Electronics and Robotics
Category: Engineering

10 March 2022

Hi, guys in this blog I would like to talk about the 5 reasons that inspired me to study engineering.

1 ARU inspired me

The first reason, for me, is the labs. ARU wasn’t my first choice, but after attending one open day, I saw the facilities of the university and what they were going to invest in the future years to come – after that, my mind was made up. The labs are well equipped and there is various engineering software available to students on university computers and personal laptops.

Chelmsford is also well-positioned, not too far from London (about 35 minutes on the train) and it means I will have more options when looking for an internship, placement or work after the degree and I’ll have the chance to be more competitive.

2 My childhood

As far back as I remember I always loved mini 4WD cars. A mini racing car with electrical and mechanical components that comes in a box to assemble. I would spend most afternoons after school with my older brother, reading and understanding the manual of the mini 4WD. That problem-solving passion in me grew as I did.

3 The 90s

Being born in the 90s has meant I’ve been lucky enough to see how automation has developed in so many different fields. I’m really interested in seeing how what we develop as engineers can help human beings in their day-to-day activities.

4 Learning from experts

I’ve always wanted to be around experts. The availability of the lecturers at ARU and their willingness to support you is something that inspires me every day. Since day one we were introduced and made aware, that for any help, contacting lectures by email for any problem is the best way to solve the problem. When possible, lectures are recorded but in case something is not well understood, questions during and after lectures always get answered.

5 My future career

I’m really excited to see where my future takes me. ARU is clear from the start that they put our employability at the forefront of what they do. During your degree, you get the chance to work for the university with ARU Temps, where you can strengthen your soft or transferrable skills.

Meanwhile, ARU career centre helps you build your CV and cover letter to get you ready for the world of work. You also get opportunities as part of your course and the wider uni to join webinars and career events where you listen to speakers about what companies are looking for from graduating students. It motivates me to learn and explore more during my studies and make the most out of my uni experience.


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